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Art Share: Rikku DiDressphere DLC Edition 2

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Are we feeling LUCKY? The #DiDressphere commission DLC edition continues thanks to the collaboration of AkinaSilver and Fourpieces; the first being the artist and the latter being the commissioner. Seems Rikku keeps pushing the trouble spot and getting herself in some distressing situations.

Okay, maybe not as distressing considering that she is enjoying herself. Maybe the treasure is definitely BOOTY!

And... this can be a bit distressing. Though it seems that it's not all that bad. Sofia, an obscure character from a long and forgotten game by many (Battle Arena Toshinden), traded clothes with Rikku and it seems that the Young Al Bhed had to be gagged for this scenario. What's the DEAL with this? Someone come up with a story. I'm sure one can be concocted for the sake of.


Well, that's all I have to say about that. Another thanks to FourPiees for continuing the DiDressphere DLC series and truly running not too far behind me in the Commissioning mission.... well, I might still be a few alternate worlds ahead, but hey, who's competing, right? Thanks again!

(For the first edition of DiDressphere DLC, CLICK HERE)

Until Next Time!

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