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Playstation Showcase 2021

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Well, stupid me. Didn't even know that 9/9/21 was a thing for #PS5! I totally slept on this for some reason, but hey! Here we are now! There are some pretty good reveals and here are the ones I'm interested in!

We all knew this was coming and I have been pretty excited for it! Well, here's the reveeal trailer and let me just say, Venom is an exciting thing... though I'm not quite sure how I wanna take Harry being the first host of the Symbiote. We'll see. Also, the spider legs coming out of that suit seems kind off jarring but fitting. After all, Doc Ock did help him make that suit, so... there we go.

Now this was a surprise. No one saw this coming! A Wolverine game by Insomniac! We all know the wonders they did with the Spider-Man game so this definitely should be a hit. Though I wonder just how much they are going to lean on Wolverine's darker side, eh? Like hack and slash blood & guts and all? We'll see.

Chances are, I'm not going to get this but I've always been a fan of GoTG since their initial #MCU debut. Clearly, this is still trying to hook on the feeling of the hit ragtag space "Avengers" fame, right? Gameplay looks interesting so we'll see.

Okay, stepping away from Marvel and here we are with a sexy gal hitting it off like she's the next 2B, or something. I'm looking for a 3rd person-rpg-hack&slash--always. This one I've known for a bit but now it's really got some bearings to it. Fan service? Yes. Definitely going to be looking out for this.

A MOTHER F-IN Dragon!? Yeah, this game looks interesting. I like the modern lingos mixed in with magic. Looks fun as well. Definitely going to keep my eyes on this!

Now, there were other games shown but to be honest, they're either not in my alley or I wasn't aware of it. Sure, there is the God of War Ragnarok, but I haven' been a GoW for some time. Was hoping for some Final Fantasy stuff (FFXVI or FFVII-R... or FFX-3 or FFVI-R? Please?), but guess not. We'll see what the rest of the year brings. But as of right now, currently still heavy on #FFXIV so.... not complaining.

Until Next Time!

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