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SDCC 2018: Coverage II

SDCC 2018 came and went and another year of sadness since I wasn't part of it. One day, I will be part of it! I swear it! But let's recap on what was revealed to us that really got to me as far as action figures and statues alike. Again, these are my personal preferences and what I may want to add to my collection, so bear with me!

It's definitely a Toy fair or some kind of grand comic book related event convention with the presence of #Marvel_Legends! I'm excited for a lot of these figures, and once again, I am sharing photos from Toyark. So much appreciated for these news, Toyark!

Here's some showing of the next Spider-Man Marvel Legends wave. Some pretty cool looking characters, that's for sure. The new Black Cat costume, Red Goblin, the new Symbiote Spider-Man, and a #BAF Kingpin? I swear, #Hasbro can't stop taking my money! I think eventually I have to stop collecting or I am going to insane with how much Action Figures I have!

Again, it's a Kingpin BAF, so that's exciting. So far, three figures are confirmed(?). Curious to see who are the others that will help build Kingpin.

We of course, have a X-Men wave. And this figure is a long time coming: Blink. At one point, she was a fan favorite. The prototype does look good so I'm hoping that the mass production is half as good.

Oh, of course, there is Gambit. Another popular X-Men at one point! I can't remember the last good action figure he had, but this one falls back to his classic and very popular costume from the 90s. This will go really well with the X-Men animated series line up.

There are a few other X-Men figures that are BAFs, least not from my knowledge. Of course we have the Professor X from the seemingly popular "Rider series". This Professor X will also add to the 90s X-Men from the Animated Series. I may not get him, but he looks cool. Another addition that I will be getting is Archangel. For a while, Warren Worthington III was my favorite character, fallen angel and all. I especially loved his X-Force version. Alas we have him, who comes with an awesome set of wings, alternate faces, and an extra accessory for the Apocalypse BAF. This might be a common thread for figures; adding accessories for BAFs with later figures.

There's also the addition of Magik, a Walgreen exclusive! I don't get as much luck with finding things in Walgreen, at least Marvel Legends related, but I do want to strike gold with this figure. She is definitely a must! Going to have some 'fun' hunting for this figure!

Here's ShartimusPrime's Marvel Legends video in regards to the SDCC 2018 reveal.

Hot Toys are part of my collection, but one that I don't think I can get too excited for because I can't and won't be purchasing more than one a year, if even. But ShartimusPrime did an amazing job showing these off.

On the none Marvel side, we have some pretty cool looking Mortal Kombat figures from Storm. Probably won't be getting these, but it's neat to share.

Storm is also another licensed company that makes Street Fighter figures. I haven't owned a single one, but heck, that Chun Li -Battle Dress- is a little.... compelling. I have seen a few reviews as well with the Street Fighter Storm figures and they are pretty good. Not going to scale well with my other figures, but hey, when was the last time I have every figure in scale. But yeah, this figure is just beautiful.

Now I'm not much of a Dragonball Z fan to get figures of them but lately, I can't help but say that Dragonball was a part of my childhood. I will probably pick up a couple just to add that notch on my collection. Android 21 does look rather impressive, to say the least.


There are a ton other updates and revelations that I might have glossed over or chose not to add because I wasn't entirely interested in them. To get the full coverage, check out ToyArk's FULL LIST. They were gracious enough to have a representative take pictures and catch all the awesome things that came in for Comicon. One day I'll be part of that, but for now, let's celebrate by checking out this year's news! There are other revelations like the Cinematic side of things and I will be posting about them in another post. Other than that, let's keep geeking out!

Until Next Time!

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