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Sega Prize: Elsa Frozen 2

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Ah! This statue is finally in my possession! Finding out its existence back in April made me happy! I have come across Sega Prize before and their work on Frozen was breathtaking last time. So, does this live up my hype? Let's find out!

The box is nothing fancy. The front is as far as I'll showcase. All in all, it does a fine job to get the theme of Frozen 1. Also, just about everything is in Japanese so I can't help ya there for any translation. I can read Disney and I am going to imagine the word before "2" is "Anna and the Snow Queen", which was Frozen's Japan title.

If I haven't made it abundantly clear: I adore Elsa's 'default'/traveling outfit. I also like her "Prologue/Some Things Never Change" dress and her "Into the Unknown" nightgown. Her "Show Yourself/Snow Queen" is also quite enticing but that's the point of the character I am not completely settled in with. But regardless, I'll eat up Elsa merchandise if it fits my collection. This one certainly does and Sega Prize does tickle my fancy. They also did a fine job picking this outfit first (hope they do more with her other outfit). The pose is definitely reminiscent of Elsa and Anna's 'walking to the journey' pose--something that I'm sure is easy to find through any places selling Frozen 2 merchandise. It's a good and safe pose to choose from and I'm not going to complain about it. There are other Elsa poses I would have preferred, but hey, again, not going to complain!

Details on this thing are actually pretty darn good. A lot of people complain that her (default) dress looks too plain but honestly, while it's not as glam and sparkly as her Let-it-Go dress, it has a lot of good details. Mostly on her shoulers, her belt, the hem of her skirt, the tassles/cape, and overall, it's not as lacking as most people like to believe it is. Sega Prize did a fine job with her dress I feel. It doesn't get too elaborate but it does deliver. I think where they fall short is on her face, which we'll go in more detail in a bit. But I will point out that the stand is uninspiring. Sure it's a stand and I woudln't even complain as much if it does the job but Elsa's feet barely fits. I may have to resort to just permanently gluing it in place some time.

With the paint job, it's mostly well done. They picked the proper variants of blue to represent Elsa's Frozen 2 dress and it meshes quite well. No shading, but it's good. I think the eyes aren't even, something that has to be almost perfect especially when the character is looking straight ahead. But not too bad. She still Elsa and it's still a more than adequate job well done.

Next to the first Sega Prize Elsa, just by the face alone and the details on the cape, it almost seems like this Frozen 2 Sega Prize is a few years back. That Elsa from Frozen 1 was just a well done piece and it may be an unfair judgment. But with years after and a highly anticipated and loved sequel, the Frozen 2 version should have been the same caliber or above. Again, harsh judgement even from a person that still adores it.

Some faulty painting on the eyes and the stand knocks it down a few pegs. Though paint is adequate and the stand, while it's uninspiring and barely does its job, I can still recommend this to any Frozen 2/Elsa fan. It's a nice little addition to my collection even if it's hard to put it next to the first Elsa. Regardless, I'm happy I have her and I can still commend Sega Prize for doing this! Now can we look at her other Frozen 2 dress? Or maybe her Christmas/Winter dress, please?

Until Next Time!

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