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Toyfair 2019: Marvel Legends

Toy Fair 2019 came and went and this is the aftermath! I'm just here to share the news! I didn't go.... one day I'll be part of it all! But until then, let me go ahead and share some of the wonderful things other toy reviewers have shared. I will obviously give links to the origins of these news! If any of you want the FULL coverage, check out the provided links! So, let's get right into it!

Damn right! Marvel Legends! There are plenty to love from #Hasbro's powerful line of Marvel Super Heroes but clearly I have my select few that I am diving into! Some of these have already been released and/or have already been announced but there were some hitters that were either confirmed or did not see coming. We have obviously seen the Caliban #BAF that was announced some time back (a set that I don't think I'll be getting as a whole unless I get it for a cheap price) but the announcement of the X-Force Canonball and Boom-Boom was somewhat surprising.

They're also going with more vintage collection and it's nice to see someone like Silver Samurai who looks amazing. Hasbro is definitely turning up their sculpting quality and it's definitely something I am looking forward to see; not sure how much I am going to be able to purchase but needless to say there are plenty of temptations that are coming along my way.

I've been looking at Blink for a while and I always thought that the character is amazing. I'm telling you, Hasbro is killing it with the Marvel Legends X-Men line!

And then, of course, the Avengers and Spider-Man side of the Marvel Legends universe cannot be avoided. Look, a Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman! And although I'm not a hardcore Julia Carpenter fan, I do appreciate her trying to carry the mantle Jessica Drew created. Look, they gave her psionic webbing and completely missed out on Jessica Drew's venom blasts...I shouldn't be complaining though! But Corvus Glaive has a ton of detail that really makes me want this figure!

Thank you, Toyark for sharing these photos to the rest of us collectors!

Obviously I didn't share and go over ALL of the action figures that Hasbro presented. Heck, that's not even everything I found tempting! Here's a video from ShartimusPrime covering some of the awesome Marvel Legends. Definitely going to get the Colossus vs Juggernaut 2-pack and the Hela & Executioner 2-pack also looks interesting. Let's see how my wallet takes it this year, eh?

Until Next Time!

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