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What about My Patreon?

Yeah, what about it, right? I know, I have a PAGE created and yet, I haven't touched it since November 2021. What's up with it?

Well, truth to be told, my patreon was a means to get some of my writing out there, get a few little nuggets of money and put the earnings towards my fandom--whether it be commissioning, my collecting, etc. It basically covers some of the expense that I use to put towards the content that I dish out. Well, as some of you may have seen, it's gotten silent. I haven't actually posted anything in there since November 2021. No new writing, no updates on commissions, and silence in general. So let's go back to the question: What's up with it?

Well, writing has been kind of a non-existent hobby of mine. The story above, "The Suitcase", doesn't get any more love. And while a lot of that story revolves more editing than actually writing, I'm still not able to push anything out--fortunately or unfortunately. So the Patreon is just literally a graveyard for old story ideas and the such. But still, to this day, I still have generous patrons putting out their hard-earned cash towards that little pot. So this is me addressing those generous souls and to the future of my Patreon page.

First and foremost: THANK YOU. Your donations continue to help fuel the contributions I push out within the community (#DiD or non-DiD). Through the years, I have placed the majority of your donations towards the many commissions I have gathered. I can't ever express just how thankful I am. So there's that.

Now as far as the projects and posts on Patreon stands, I don't have a solid answer to that. I may or may not get back to them. I may just give up on them completely (Spider-Woman story is a good example). I will never say never, but if I was to make a judgement based on my current mindset, time, and motivation: no I won't be doing any more DiD-Fics. Could change, but I'm just being honest with how I feel. So unfortunately for those who actually hold some kind of value to my writing endeavors, that's going to remain a closed door. For now.

With all that said, I will keep my Patreon open and perhaps drop a little bit of stuff in regards to commission here and there. It's going to be there as a donation pot for anyone who wants to drop a few bucks. It's appreciated. Trust me.

Again, thank to everyone/anyone who continues to support me. Really appreciated. And to those who consider and enjoy my contributions, thank you as well.

Until Next Time!

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