• Onyx

Amazing Yamaguchi: Psylocke

Updated: May 5, 2019

Oh you didn't know? I'm into articulation too as well as aesthetically pleasing action figures, so here we are with the Amazing Yamaguchi: Psylocke that I have had my eyes on for a while! This is my introduction to the toy series which has gained quite a following within the community of Toy Collectors I dabble with. Let's get right into the toy review and check her out!

It has been some time since I found myself messing with a Revoltech action figure. I mean a long time. Fun fact: Revoltech is the first import toy line within the smaller scale that I was first introduced to. The Revoltech Fraulien Asuka was my very first and that carries over with the Rebuild version of the Evangelion star. It was a pretty good action figure for the time and being a young collector and during the early rise of action figure collecting, I was impressed with the anime likeness and the relatively amazing articulation gimmick it had. Though there was a few hiccups along the way and I felt that Revoltech was losing its flavor. The Mark V Iron Man did not resonate with me and the action figures after that I ended up purchasing fell flat as well--and I bought a couple of Iron Man action figures from Revoltech too. Though I was going to be out of the market when it comes to these import scale figures after the sour taste that Revoltech gave me. Of course when I was introduced to #Figma (with another Evangelion action figure believe it or not), I knew that Figma was going to be my go-to when it came to small scale waifu action figures. And for some few years and more, Figma will be just that but once in a while SH Figuarts catches my attention and just recently, Revoltech once again caught my attention. It takes someone like Psylocke to do that. The only other person that could have really did this for me is Spider-Woman, duh!

Now the first time I saw the Amazing Yamaguchi line did not fully appeal to me. I believe it was the Spider-Man action figure and the characters that followed after were not a must. Spider-Gwen came out and I was tempted for a moment but the complex joints and what seems to be 'too much work' for an action figure derailed me completely from going in. But Psylocke is a favorite of mine so I had to just swallow the bullet and try. I mean just look at all those poses that she is capable of!