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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (53)"

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Here we go! Another week! It's also 4th of July! We'll have a theme going around this year! I'm not going to sit here and say that it's going to be a picture-perfect 'MURICA theme, but hey, gonna try. Aside from that Stars & Stripes, July is a special month so let's just get into some #DiD pics, shall we?

Gogo (Casual/Hero) by Shio-Bari is an amazing piece. She might be the most out of place with the theme of this #TuT, but who cares. The Car is red, white, and blue so, we're good. Besides, that junk in the trunk is hard NOT to give attention to.

Alright, here! America Chavez! 4th of July enough for ya? I really am not a fan of this character but I do enjoy her situation here. Perfect for the fireworks, for sure.

Bittersweet picture. Jwind DiD a lot of things with Lathiira and this was one of them. Of course, it has Spider-Woman, and Natasha/Black Widow (one of his faves), but all in all, managed to squeeze this in with Captain America AND Stan Lee in there. An enticing and peek to how amazing Lathiira was with his creativity since Whitney Greymore (the Damsel Shield Agent) was his and there were usually some DiD shenanigans in there. RIP, my friend.

The "Spider-Woman vs" Series Blackprof had going on was something. I liked the idea and I wish it continues sometime soon. I put some of my good money to add into it... but that's a convo for another day. All in all, Wonder Woman in bondage? Yeah, that's just another Tuesday for sure. She might miss all the fireworks, honestly.

Got ourselves another N7 goodie! This one is just damn good. And considering Shepard (John or Jane) is heavily implied to represent the Red, White, and Blue.... only fitting that she is put into this special themed #Tied_Up_Tuesday. And that's not a tazer by the way. Supposedly it vibrates. Wonder what for?

Well, that's all I got for y'all. If you celebrate, be safe out there. Stay out of danger, drink water, and enjoy. If not, keep the ropes tight.

Until Next Time!

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