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RIP Lathiira

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

This amazing artwork is done by none other than the amazing Llythium-Art. Thank you.

A great person, Lathiira, passed away on June 9, 2023. I can't necessarily say a lot but the community is grieving. He touched many lives and his creativity helped sparked many. He was also quite giving and he collaborated and supported not only myself but many others within the group. This post will focus on remembering all the good things he has done for the #DiD community through his OCs, commissions, collaborations, and his well-crafted DiD-Fics. Please join me in remembering him.

His contribution to his 'vixens' are never short of amazing. His 'remix' comic book covers based on some fantastic and famous DiD scenes are ones that I'll always treasure. TheBoundArtist90 definitely works wonders with him. He's a fan of Marvel and DC, but Widow and Rogue are his top gals.

Dare I not feature this one, right? While Lathiira was mostly a Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman, he definitely did not shy away from admitting that Jessica Drew is one of his favorite Heroines.

As far as Final Fantasy, he was also a fan. More in line with someone like Celes Chere and Lulu. I can't blame him and he definitely contributed!

And then, of course, one can't forget his OCs--more specifically, Lathiira--his online namesake. And I'm not going to pretend I know everything about his OC, but his Blonde Elf is definitely the looker.

The guy had a few OCs, but definitely, Lathiira the Bard is the one that shined for me. The render above is definitely the inspiration for Llythium's artwork.

He also LOVED his Bard to be fully trussed up despite her efforts. I wasn't opposed to it. Neither was the community.

He had worked with a ton of renderers both through commissions and gifted with these wonderful artworks. Samsa23, MysticX, and downhill515 just to name a few of the folks that he had collaborated with.

Speaking of collaboration.

Lathiira always supported my commissioning endeavors. In fact, he was one of the first that put in some of his hard-earned cash towards getting some damsels on Arlen's belt.

Other than #commissions, Lathiira was also involved with the writing community--mostly in line with the DiD (DiD-Fics). He even wrote a STORY for this particular commission I had:

And Lat is a lover of Marvel and DC. Here are a few of his stories that I adore so much:

Would be impossible for me to list every story of his that I adore! Just check out his Gallery for more awesome stuff! I'm sure you'll find something for sure! Worth checking out. We (the ones closest to him through our Discord) are doing our best to preserve his works so in the even DA decides to cut ties, we'll have it in place.


All of that was about Lathiira as the person who contributed to the DiD community. That was the guy who had the same kinks and preferences as the majority of us. Now, it's time to talk about what he means to me--and although I don't know the person behind the Bard as much as someone like Fourpieces ended up getting to know, he touched my life too. And it deserves to be known just how much.

Lathiira was a fun person to be around. Always had a bright spot with his comments, and always pushed the idea of 'lightheartedness' and 'DiD puns'. It's been a couple of weeks now (at the moment when I wrote this) since his passing.... and his absence is felt. There are not enough words to describe just how much he is missed. And I am still mourning... and will continue to do so for a long while.

Will miss you, Lat. I do hope that you're at peace and enjoying what the afterlife has to offer. Your memory will live on. The Tales of your Bard will continue to be heard.

Thank you, as always.

See You Next Time... #TalesofTheBard

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