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Ban Dai (Figuarts Zero): Nezuko Kamado Blood Demon

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Oh, here we go! Another anime figurine that really has a lot of flare to add to my already busy 2022 collecting hobby!

I really like this box. It's an import so it's definitely familiar grounds but the layout and the color scheme definitely is a nice take. I like the transparent window, the promotional pictures of the figure, and just the aesthetics overall. I love the way it's done.

I even like the back of this box and how the figurine is promoted. I also like how Tenji is advertised here. Definitely almost got me to be sold on this one, for sure.

So let's go with the figure itself now! There are plenty of things to like, of course. It's got a presentation that stood out to me the moment I saw it! There's plenty of thing going for this statue and first and foremost, the base is quite amazing because not only does it act like a figure stand, it plays as a special effect and allows Nezuko to look action-y and ready to put her demonic side to good use.

The pose is definitely where a lot of the flare shows. I love how action ready she is! 'Claws' out, eyes focused, and her clothing reacts to her movements. The firebase too adds to the dynamic action, levitating Nezuko for an action shot while keeping the figurine steady. I do adore figurines that use the base as more than just a transparent shape to keep the figure up. Gimmicks like this are always welcome!

As far as the sculpting goes, it's definitely pretty detailed and in certain areas, rivals for a higher price point. The wrinkles on the clothing, the way they move with the action, and then the subtle sculpting is done to give the figurine more depth rather than just coloring things in. The firebase also has its own ridges and curves making it look like an unnatural but organic fire. The icing on the cake is the veins on Nezuko's forehead which, I can only assume means that she's about to go berserk. Or whatever it is called within the realm of the anime.

The sculpt on that 'fire' is so good!

As far as color goes, it's pretty good! Really no complaints from my end honestly. The choice of plastic for the flame definitely stands out. The transparent plastic and the pink wash on it definitely added style. The rest of Nezuko is also done with respect to the character's anime counterpart and the details of the wrinkles really play well with the coloring. And while there isn't a lot of variation in terms of shading or whatnot, the fact that most (if not all) of the little intricacies of her color scheme are all present. Die-hard or familiar fans of the characters I'm sure can appreciate that.

And honestly, she just looks good with certain angles.

And a closer look at her face and her gag---muzzle (what? lol) and the rest of the details on her face. Those eyes man! So well done! The ribbon of her hair looks a bit cheap, but I can skip that by just looking at those eyes.

And here she is next to Ban Presto Nezuko. The difference is obvious, through the quality of the figure, the shading, and that stand.

Without any personal attachment to the character, I terribly enjoy her design, and most figurines I see of her definitely attract me even if to stare for just a moment. Had to get this one since there was so much flare to ignore. I wasn't at all disappointed and can definitely recommend her. Sculpt, posing, coloring, and respect for the character are all there. Nezuko/Demon Slayer fans can have an appreciation for this figurine with a price that isn't breaking the three-digits in most/certain areas.

Until Next Time!

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