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Dissidia NT: Zenos yae Galvus 6th DLC and "updates"

Who? What? A Final Fantasy XIV character that I don't have any knowledge on. Again, skipped out and will continue to skip out on MMO Final Fantasies. Hopefully FFXIV is the last MMO that Square will ever bother with. Please. So let's talk about this character.

He looks semi interesting, honestly. I do love his intro with the fact he has Y'shtola on the ropes... well, almost. Assuming he doesn't kill her. But as far as the character, he has a pretty busy but good enough design. His move set, nothing grand or anything that sticks out. He looks completely evil which is a good thing for villainy representation for #DissidiaNT. Other than that, probably an easy pass for me.

Now, something to talk about from BlootheTheHedgehog's YouTube video. I watched it some time ago, though I don't think I necessarily blogged about it. I had THIS POST about the data mine, but I can't seem to find anything with Zenos in the data mine. Could it be that Season 2 DLC is not correct from the mine? I mean, the costumes seems correct, at least just based on the name of Terra's Costume, Esper's Progeny (just BLOGGED about it yesterday). No mention of most of the villains' costume so not sure if Kefka's outfit was ever "leaked". At any rate, I do hope that the season 2 DLC 'leaks' are not correct. Don't want Zack and Vivi and Gilgamesh doesn't seem like he fits in; he feels more like a summon, but that's just me. I don't have THAT kind of attachment to him. Also, if they continue with the 3rd costume idea, please give Yuna her X-2 outfit! AND please, #RIKKUinDISSIDIANT please! Rikku is a must! Well, that's about it. Let's see what other news they drop on Dissidia NT, eh?

Until Next Time!

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