• Onyx

FFXIV: A'rlen Sirushi (Botanist) I

A'rlen Sirushi also delves into being a Botanist when she's not shoving her spear into Primals or shooting Ascians from a distance. This outfit may be a bit more 'grounded', but it's too fashionable NOT to showcase. That and it's A'rlen. Let's get on with it! A'rlen looks just as amazing in this outfit, you'll see!

The Botanist

Much like the Miner, A'rlen's Botany shenanigans all derived from the need of getting the Dragoon Augmentation--clearly I got the Crimson Dragoon some other means so the gathering hobby got shelved much into A'rlen's journey. But after Shadowbringers, I got back heavily into crafting and gathering and since I got the Botanist up to lvl50 (and on the last mission for ARR Botanist job), it was natural to jump back to this class and level her up and with leveling up comes getting fancy outfits and eventually I found it! Okay, I lied about fancy outfits because the Botanist outfit... is, well, casual as they come.

Casual, but with style nonetheless. Well, compared to the other outfits of A'rlen, it's pretty casual as they come. This is the entire set of the Peacelover gear that one can get inside the Firmament. Dyed with the Dalamund Red Dye, it fits A'rlen's usual attire schemes, albeit a bit less fantasy-based.

Funny how I use the "Peacelover" outfit for Botany. The irony should be obvious.

A straw that, button up shirt, denim, gloves, and a western style boots, this is definitely outside Eorzean's usual attire. But, guess this is the "New Ishgardian" style.