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FFXIV: A'rlen Sirushi (Machinist) III

If A'rlen's Dragoon gets a fancy dress outfit, so does her Machinist! So here it is in all her glory! Let's check out A'rlen in her "gunner" outfit.


Just like her "Sirushi" outfit, the Gunner is made up of Neo-Ishgardian top (for aiming, of course) and an ensemble of other gear; the boots and arms are from the lvl 80 Machinist set, Weathered Gunslinger. For the headpiece, A'rlen is once again showing her feminine side and is wearing a Black Brightlily Crosage. Of course, all of these are glams.

For the color, I went with the Dalmund Red and I like how the top and the skirt piece are two different colors.

The touch of different metal pieces and designs really makes this outfit stand out a bit more.

At the moment, she has the Law's Order Revolver equipped and she definitely has the strongest weapon out of all my Machinist outfits. In fact, unlike my Dragoon, where the Crimson Dragoon stands above every other Dragoon outfits, the Gunner and the Red Scion aren't too far away from each other in terms of item level.

There she is sitting on the Construct Mount--speaking of which, I need to show off some of my favorite mounts that A'rlen rides on.

Grinning big, ain't she?

Give her a moment, please.

About to sneeze?

The photo above was supposed to be sexy and relaxed moment--turned out to be a humorous one because the way A'rlen blinked!

Actually a pretty recent picture (the night before this was posted); I just got the next phase of Law's Order Revolver! It's got the glowing effect!

Another keeper, for sure. I like the intricacy of the elegance from the frills and dressy look, but it's partnered in with some combat aesthetics with the armor platings, the straps, and the like. And since I'm still working on the Bozja weapons (I'm doing one for all the jobs I have--probably will try to max out the Spear and the Gun, everything else, I'm not sure yet), most likely she'll be getting a make over some time. But, other than that, there's nothing else to report.

Until Next Time!

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