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Funko POP: Atrociraptor (Panthera)

Here comes a #POP! It's been some time, eh? Well, not really. Not to mention I got a few more to review here in a few. Just taking a slower pace in getting these things out. That's okay. For now, let's look at this POP, shall we?

The horizontal box is fairly new as far as my collection is concerend. Thought I do have a couple already and some of those we are going to look at here for comparison.

As I mentioned, I have a couple of others in my collection already. I doubt I'll be getting more but you never know these days. We'll see. Maybe a larger dinosaur? A T-Rex?

It's another horizontal POP, clearly. The pose is definitely on the same trend as the previous Dinosaur POPs I own. I definitely appreciate the sculpted details on its skin. Makes it look a bit more 'organic'. I also adore the work placed on this one's tiny face giving it that ferocious but adorable side. Look at those chompers too!

Slight blemish on the jaw. Goo? Plastic residue?

The pose isn't really anything that hits a home run but it does replicate the movie's version of a raptor (in this case this is a hybrid, right?)

It's got a really unique color to it too. It's got this caramel dominant color peppered with darker brown and the juxtapose white color. Then those bright yellow eyes really make this one an oddball color. Another one of those that makes me curious is how it looks in the movies but I'm not sure I will go as far as seeing the newest Jurassic Parks.

Here is POP Panthera next to POP Ghost. They are different molds and poses are different which is impressive. Another case where Funko could have taken the easy route with repaints but they didn't.

It's a cool addition, no doubt. But once more, it's going to be one of those cases that I can only recommend if one is a hardcore Jurassic Park fan and/or adores Dinosaurs. I definitely like them in my possession; they're different and they look cool enough. The paint is different and fun, the pose is dinosaur-ish which makes it stand out from the rest of my other POPs. Cool little thing.

Until Next Time!

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