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Funko POP: Batman (BTAS)

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

This was inevitable. With the unfortunate event that transpired, I wanted a Batman TAS merchandise and we'll go to a POP. So with that said, let's get into the review, shall we?

Beyond anything, this is a classic piece in terms of the character, the ambiance, and the presentation. It's Batman from the Animated Series. It's Kevin Conroy's Batman! Definitely a must for me since I have dear memory and nostalgia for the show. Took me a bit to get him and I did pulled the trigger for reasons beyond being a collector (will get to that to another post). The box is fitting, for sure with the side art having the iconic art style for the buildings that we see throughout the show and more prominent on my mind through the opening sequence.

Not sure what happened to my hands and taking the pics. Seems I gave more white space on the top rather than evening it out.

Will get into it later in the post but I do have some Batman TAS POPs. Maybe I might get others from this series. Space is an issue though.

Alright! The look of Conroy's Batman is now legendary. Simple as it is, it definitely kept that dark and serious tone while put itself apart from Keaton's look. I love this outfit and it took too long for me to get it to my gallery. Now that I have it, I'm happy but it comes without any disappointments--small, mind you, but it is worth mentioning when I get to the picture. But the pose, the sculpt, it's all well done in my opinion. It's a neutral and simple stance, almost borderline classic POP with some modifications, but it is fitting of TAS Batman. The expression is also quite fitting and I do love the narrowed eyes on the mask itself. The cape flowing to the side is also a nice touch--something Batman had done with expertise during his tenure in the TAS scene. Although, speaking of the cape....

My version came with some imperfections on the cape. It's not breaking the POP or anything, but it is something to point out.

Other than the slight imperfections on the cape, the colors are all done well. I love the blue lining inside his cape, definitely mirrors the TAS version. The decal on his chest for the bat logo is also done perfectly. No complaints on plastic color and paint execution over all.

Here is POP Batman TAS next to POP Batgirl TAS and POP Catwoman TAS. I definitely need to get the Joker, Poison Ivy, and Robin....and everyone else.

Even with the cape mishaps, it's still a perfect and fitting purchase this year. I'm happy to have him and definitely will cherish this POP. RIP, Kevin Conroy.

Until Next Time!

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