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Funko POP: Carnage (Let there be Carnage)

Had to get Carnage! The #POP design of him really intrigued so I couldn't resist. So, with that said, let's get right into the review, shall we?

Again, I didn't watch the second Venom. Always been on a love-to-hate design of Venom because of the lack of logo, but Carnage is a different beast because he is only red and black-- and no real definitive one design since his symbiotic likes to change and shift quite a lot. So seeing his design in the movie, I actually love it. So a POP of Cletus was a must, that's for sure. So here it is!

There's only two in the series and I got both so, there ya go.

The work on this POP is just a beauty! So much sculpting involved that I'm surprised that this is even a standard common POP. Then again, Funko has stepped up their game and I'm glad Carnage gets that love. His skin isn't smooth and plain, so much ridges, bumps, and sculpts. Then that face, feral and downright hauntingly smiling. Helps that those standard symbiotic eyes are grand and front and center. Carnage's post is also quite fitting. Looks like he's about to jump and/or attack--his right hand shifting into a weapon, some kind of knife of some sort. Just perfect.

Colors are amazing! They could have easily just made Carnage all red but instead they gave him different shade there and there, some black, and then it's coated with that shiny paint that makes him stand out. Maybe the pearly whites are the only thing that bothers me, but all in all, the colors are great!

Here he is next to POP Carnage, comic book version! Comic book version leaned a lot on the black and the red can barely be seen--but they are both great in their own rights!

And, of course, here is Carnage next to the POP Venom in his Let There Be Carnage iteration. They truly look good together.

The teeth color is the only thing I can complain about really, other than that it's a pretty darn good POP. May not sprout from a good movie but it's got an awesome pose, great sculpt work, and a fine paint job to finish it off. That and it's smiling at you. I can't not recommend something that just screams 'buy me'. Definitely something I adore.

Until Next Time!

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