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Funko POP: Coronation Elsa (Hot Topic Exclusive)

We have another #POP in our hands! This time another Elsa! That's right! Can't ever let her go, right? Right? Anyways, bad jokes aside, let's get right into the review, shall we?

This is actually an older POP--a variation of Coronation Elsa from the first Frozen. I've always wanted it, but the price range always eluded me. But a very good friend of mine decided to be super generous again and bought me it for me after years and years of missing it. Very happy to have her at last.

I got some of the Frozen merch with this series. Of course, it's the adult Elsas.

I mentioned plenty of times how much I think Elsa's coronation outfit has a lot to adore. I definitely like it more than her 'Let it Go' dress. When I got the original POP Coronation Elsa, I saw this one and wanted it. I like the scene it is replicating, I like the simple pose, and I also like the fact that the Coronation Dress looks as accurate as possible with details and accuracy within the Funko POP's realm. I adore it. It's years old now, but it's still doing what it needed to do to look like Elsa in her Coronation dress and within that coronation moment.

The Scepter and the Orb would've been awesome if they were given more detail and slightly frozen. Moment accuracy would've been... cool (pun).

Certain colors are missing like the hem of her cloak. But for the most part, it's still got enough paint job and effort. Again, an older #POP, but for what it is, it gives accuracy where it can.

Here is the POP Coronation Elsa (Hot Topic) next to the original POP Coronation Elsa and POP Coronation Elsa (Disney Princess). I'm not a fan of inconsistent skin tone, but hey, the original Coronation Elsas are older. I do like the coloring of these original/older POPs though as I talked about in the Disney Princess Elsa's review.

Well, that's it for the review. I'm going to say that this is a must for Elsa fans/collectors. It's got a scene moment, another variation of her Coronation Dress, and it's Elsa. Definitely a must-have for me. While it's older and missing some flare that a current POP gives, it is satisfying to have more paint details and sharper colors than the newer one. Definitely, something I can say is a selling point. Other than that, that's it for now!

Until Next Time!

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