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Funko POP: El Arachno

The Spiderverse POP collection is growing! This one is also unique in terms of the theme of this Spider-Person. Also, be prepared for a wave of Marvel Collector Corps POPs here. My good friend gave me a bunch of stuff since she was very generous (and also out of space like myself). Anyways, let's get into the review, shall we?

Initially, I wasn't interested in this wave. I'm a fan of luchadores because of what I have seen during my Monday Night Wars viewing (Rey Mysterio, Psychosis, and La Parka--change my mind if you dare) but for my favorite Marvel characters? I wasn't feeling it. But then I saw them in person and... yeah I got sold. The thing about getting MCC subscription is that you get exclusive POPs. So yes, you'll get a lot of the same characters with the same pose but given a shine like an alternate color or with a pin, or something. With Spidey's--sorry, El Aracno's case over here, he's got a metallic shine on his tights and mask. I'd say that's a win. Of course, if you already have the common version and you paid for it, it may not be the best thing in the world like how I feel about having this POP.

He's also doing the thwipping hands with this one. I'm sure that's just a sign of his signature or something.

A bobblehead luchador!

There are a lot of good things with this POP. I'm going to point out the stitching and all the hemlines of the mask. The stitching, in particular, are very impressive with how meticulously placed each one is. The boots are well done with the laces and knee pads. The tights also have linings and creasing. The muscle definition on this luchador is also something to behold. It's all well done and the pose does this version of Spider-Man justice.

Very nice details throughout!

The stitches behind his mask really impresses me!

As far as coloring is concerned, I'd say they really nailed this department. They gave the mask, the tights, and his boots that shine that really makes this one seem very exclusive. The spider logo on his chest also came out really well so it's a job well done.

More Spideys! Some of my favorite Spidey POPs that I acquired recently! Spectacular stuff, I say!

Just seeing all the sculpt work, I'd say that there is value to this POP. Sure it might be a better version coming from the Collector Corps, but hey, the vanilla I'm sure still has plenty to offer. Again, I wasn't at all interested with this line in the beginning, but after seeing this one, I'd say it's a win. I definitely recommend!

Until Next Time!

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