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Funko POP: El Venenoide

POP coming in once more! Going in with the Lucha Libre Marvel POP series, we got ourselves a version of Venom. Or for this case, he is called El Venenoide! Let's go check out this POP, shall we?

Another piece from the Marvel Collectors Corps--an addition from my good friend's collection of POPs! Once again, the metallic color is what makes this POP different from its common version. We'll get into the colors later, for sure! Let's go ahead and jump into the figurine itself.

I do like how it looks even as a common. But why go that route now when I have the special version from the collector's club?

Another bobble head in my collection!

The luchador look may not be the best aesthetic for Venom. My days of watching WCW give me that image in my head that luchadors are small, agile, and have very distinct moveset. This luchador, while still seemingly small, gives me this powerhouse character demeanor. He might be more of a powerbomb and head-taker clothesline than anything else. But I doubt we'll ever have more info on how this version of Venom fights/wrestles... unless there's a comic book out there. But as I've found with my previous POP Luchador, there are details that I appreciate. The stitchings on the mask, the boot details, the wrist shackles (or bands), and the muscular stature. Also that mask with the tongue detail! Regardless if this is the right look for Venom or not, I will say that they did plenty to make sure that the subtle details are there. I do appreciate that.

Color is just as well done as it was with El Arachno. The metallic paint does do a good job of giving these POPs an exclusive feel. No complaints in this department. Well done.

Three different versions of Venom. For as much of a fan of Venom as I am, I don't have a whole lot of POPs of him. Kind of funny and weird at the same time. I know I have a few more variants and venomized characters so there's that.

It's a lot easier to appreciate this series when the POP has a metallic coat, physically up close, and gifted. Do I recommend this as a must-have? No. Though it warrants an up close and an in-person judgment for it to be fair. Who knows, maybe you'll find this version of Brock as amusing as I did.

Until Next Time!

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