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Funko POP: Mickey Mouse

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Hey! It's Mickey Mouse in another #POP form! Well, as a huge fan of Disney, Mickey's recurring presence should come as no surprise. So with that said, let's dive right into the review, shall we?

A classic Mickey Mouse is a must in my collection. This Hot Topic Exclusive is as classic as they come. Well, maybe the only other classic Mickey there could be is like a "Steamboat Willie" or something, but for now, this one is pretty darn nostalgic! Well, maybe I'm going to hunt for another classic version since this is based on Mickey and Friends--which is a bit more modern but the looks definitely can pass. And seems there's nothing else in this series.

Just from the side image alone, it can definitely pass for a classic Mickey Mouse!

It's a pretty familiar Mickey Mouse design and it was something that I was looking for in a POP for a long time now. The huge yellow shoes, the red trunks with the white button, the white gloves, and of course, his signature ears and face. All that is present here. The pose is also quite Mickey-like and the Mickey Mouse lollipop in his hand is also a departure from the usual 'formal' Mickeys I own. I do like it!

The color is as expected when it comes to POPs. There really isn't anything that stands out but nothing at all is glaringly awful. In fact, it's pretty good! I will say I love how the red really pops out--his shorts and the lollipop!

Here is POP Mickey Mouse & Friends next to POP Mickey Philharmagic. Standard next to magically formal! I just realized that the newest Mickey has a VERY stylized foot too! Look at the size!

Until I get my classic Mickey Mouse POP (still deciding on how classic and what really qualifies that term), this is pretty darn good and if this is the only Mickey Mouse I ever have to get from here on out, I'd be pretty happy (I'm lying). All in all, it's awesome and it does the job. I recommend!

Until Next Time!

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