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Funko POP: Rapunzel

And here comes Rapunzel in my #POP line up! The very first of the Disney Princess in the 3D realm, Rapunzel definitely needed to be in my collection! So here we go! Let's see if blondie really gleam and glow!

Tangled was a good movie. Cut and dry, a bit of self-awareness, and a the usual Disney songs that hits it off just right. While Rapunzel was an entertaining and a breath-of-fresh-air Princess (at the time of release), she had some good supporting cast and Flynn was not one-dimensional. And while I didn't bother with the series, I really like the movie as a stand alone. And Rapunzel, the twist and the liberties Disney made to make it work--worked for me. I liked Rapunzel's design and the concept of her hair (got a bit complicating in the series). The other barefoot Princess that was chirpy and a go-getter, she's also got other things going for but that is neither here or there. All in all, I wanted a POP of her and here she is!

This isn't a technical "Disney Princess" line, but it is Disney princesses... if that makes any sense? At any rate, don't have anything from this set but I do plan on getting a Belle POP one day (I have an Ariel already).

Again, I like Rapunzel's design. It's simple but she's got enough intricacies to make her stand out from most conventional Disney Princesses from the past. She's got that magic hair that glows when she sings--LONG magic hair, mind you, that pretty lavender/purple dress that she wears, no shoes, and those lovely green eyes--top that off with her bubbly personality and Rapunzel's got the winning formula. And there have been plenty of Rapunzel POPs throughout the years and honestly, most of them I adore. I would have gone with the one with the Disney Princess line but this was a gift so I can't complain. The sculpt is done well, there are intricacies on her hair, she's got the long hair, and the pose is a homage of her time with Flynn when they were dancing together as they celebrated Rapunzel's first time as an adult on the Corona Kingdom.

I'm sure there is a 'glow-in-the-dark' gimmick variant for her blonde hair.

Color-wise, they've done a pretty decent job with this POP. The hair is slightly off, but not by much hand it's just me nit-picking. My only real complaint is that this POP comes with a little dot on her nose which is pretty obvious but not enough to distract. But it's there so it bugs me a little.

Here she is next to POP Elsa (Into the Unknown). Purple dress matching and all! Could have gone with POP Elsa (Dark Sea) but this one fits more!

Other than that dot on her nose, I think this one is a good addition to my collection. Like I stated, I've always liked Rapunzel and to finally have a POP of her was a long time coming. With that said, I might go for another one, but that's down the road. As of right now, I feel satisfied with this. I recommend her for her simplicity, but keep in mind that unless you are physically hunting, you might get one with ha small defect. Like mine.

Until Next Time!

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