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Funko POP: Sombra

Here's another #POP I bought quite recently as well! It's Sombra from Overwatch! One will find that I am going to be a bit more active with action figure reviews again so on that note, let's get on the review!

Sombra is one of my favorite Overwatch characters. While, yes, Widowmaker and Tracer are household waifus, Sombra is that bad girl, triple agent, with a sass beyond what most her teammates can handle. She also has a unique look that applies to her hairstyle and outfit that its hard not to notice her. She also has that fantastic character short movie which, you haven't seen, you should totally go and watch it. Seriously. Sombra is a waifu beyond what I can describe. Seriously, go see it. Needless to say, I do adore Sombra and if she hasn't gotten my love just yet, do believe that she will.

Actually, there, I put it out for you.

Honestly, I only really like the female Overwatch characters. I actually only have Mercy from this series.

The Overwatch ladies are a fine bunch. That usually has something to do with the skin tight outfit that highly accentuates their ever-so infatuating assets. Sombra may not have the plump like Tracer or Widowmaker, she still has her own curves and skintight outfit and while it may not be as 'tantalizing' in #POP form, it still translates well with certain details in mind. #Funko has always been really good with that and I'm glad that thhey kept Sombra's recognizable designs through the straps all over her, the trenchcoat, the 'toe shoes', the unique hair, and just about most things that Sombra is known for aesthetically.

The pose is also pretty fitting for Sombra--brandishing her uzzi and showing her hacking skills is definitely fititng posture.

Just look at those well sculpted details!

Paint job is something I can't help but adore. Usually, the front side shows every bit of intricate and amazing colors but the back part of Sombra definitley shines just as much. The fading of the white, purple, and black hair... the pink that vibrantly stands out, just about everything with the paint job is well done. I don't have any complaints.

I don't usually buy two POPs of the same character if they are just repaints (Elsa I'll make an exception for, of course--and Spider-Woman). I bought the Hot Topic Sombra some time back and adored it but the color scheme of non-phasing Sombra was just too hard to pass. I like them both but definitely 'normal' Sombra is my favorite.

I am definitely glad that I got this version. A little late but hey, I'm not at all disappointed. With a cool design, vibrant coloring, and a sassy personality, Sombra is definitely one of my favorite waifus around. Her POP form does her jusitce so I'm very happy to have her in my collection. I highly recommend her!

Until Next Time!

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