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Funko POP: Spider-Man/Miles Morales (Spider-Man 2)

Updated: Jun 20

And the POPs keep on rolling! Trust me, it isn't over for a bit! This time, we got another Gamerverse Spider-Man (Miles Morales) from Spider-Man 2. Let's see how this one turned out then, shall we?

I've been digging into this series as one can tell from my previous posts. Funnily enough, this POP isn't mine--just fortunate enough to review it before it goes back to its original owner!

A bobblehead!

The pose is spectacular! It's very dynamic and a complete Spider-Man pose. Any Spider-Folk can do this pose and it fits right in! I do like this pose quite a bit. It's dynamic and simple, and it allows for all the details to be seen, and believe me, there are plenty. The small webbing coming out of his wrist is a nice touch. As for the rest of the POP, it's quite good. The webbing on his costume is sculpted, given more depth, and the eyes are also given that same care with the honeycomb pattern detailed in. The rest of the outfit have plenty of sculpted lining and the likes, giving it that PS5 look. Sculpt, pose, and details--all well done.

There is a small inconsistency with the shine on the mask compared to the rest of the costume--is shinier, at least from my angle. Or maybe I'm just seeing it wrong. Regardless, the paint job is clean. The red paint, for the most part, hits the right areas and the lines are clean. The sculpted web lines on Miles' face have red painted on them, giving his suit have a red glow to them. A nice touch that helped make this POP stand out. No complaints here.

I don't have a lot of Miles in my collection. I do know though that the moment I saw that Programmable Matter Suit (Wait, PMS? No, not going to use that) in Spider-Man 2 and eventually the Miles Morales expansion, I knew I wanted it in POP form then I got lucky.

Here is POP: Miles Morales (SM2) next to the Spider-Man and Venom from the same Gamerverse. They do look cool next to each other.

I'd say this is a high recommendation. The pose, the details, the look, it's just an overall good POP. I'd say it's pretty high on the list for 2024 catch. With all that said, don't take my word for it though. If you are a Spider-Man fan, especially Miles Morales, this POP has a high chance of checking all the boxes for what you're looking for in a Spider-Man POP!

Until Next Time!

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