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Funko POP: Venom (Spider-Man 2)

We are reviewing another POP! Gamerverse Venom from Spider-Man 2 the game. I swear need to replay that game again one day. Regardless, I do think Venom is a fun villain to have. He looked very menacing, so when a POP of him was announced, we were ready for this! Let's get to the review, shall we?

I do think this wave isn't half bad at all. Kraven is questionable though.

Now other than paint scuffs and odd markings, I have yet to come across a serious quality issue. First time for everything right? It was a quick fix thanks to super glue. It's as good as new now.

He is a bobblehead--go figure.

This is a hefty POP! When my good friend described it on the phone, I begged her to get it for me. So here it is! POP Venom imposing, hungry, and ready to wreak havoc. There is plenty to like with the sculpt-work on this with the tendrils coming out, that feral signature Venom mouth, and that pose implying that he is ready to eat brains. The extra layer of transparent plastic sculpted around Venom's teeth gives him that classic drooling horror that we know of. Despite this being Osborn-Venom, he still carries that aura of being a threat. I do love this Venom.

Loving that pose.

The colors on this guy are pretty good. Though slightly inconsistent, it's not a huge deal. One can notice the shinier tendrils coming out of his back compared to the matted look of his gigantic head. Again, it's not a big deal, but it's obvious. Other than that though, good execution with everything else. The transparent plastic on his mouth, the color of the teeth, the tongue, and the white are all about him. Well done.

There ain't no natural team-up with these two. Completely different line of work, that's for sure.

Next to a Luchador, a Cinematic version, and an original form, Gamerverse Venom does stand strong next to his brethren. He has his quirks to make him stand out but one can call him Venom with very little qualms. One doesn't even have to know that underneath the symbiote isn't Eddie Brock.

From the same gameverse, here is Venom-Osborn next to POP: Spider-Man (SM2). These two had a good tussle in the game. POP-wise, I'd say they're on equal grounds.

Recommend? Yes. The QC issue with his leg is something I have never come across and it was easily fixed so I'm not going to subtract points for how excited I am for this POP. A definite win for my collection. For Venom fans, this is a good addition for sure even if one doesn't have any knowledge of who is under the symbiote or what's going on in the game. An absolute win.

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