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Funko POP: T-Rex Dinozord (MMPR 30th)

Updated: Feb 6

That's right! I have the T-Rex Dinozord in POP form! I really wanted to have this! And I'm very thankful that a special someone got this for me! Well, let's get into the review now, shall we?

The packaging really does give the impression that it's a special case. It's one of those kind of POPs that don't come around too often. Or maybe I'm just a huge fan of this Zord. Also, Target usually have what I need so an exclusive there isn't a bad thing at all. As far as the T-Rex goes, the Red Ranger almost always gets the best Zord. Something about the red being the main guy/gal to lead the team. Being the leader, of course Jason gets the T-Rex--the "Tyrant King" of the Dinosaurs. Also, I like the design of the T-Rex. Looks menacing but still having quirks aesthetically to make it stand out.

The MMPR 30th came with a lot of Funko goodies, that much is certain. I'm glad they pushed out a T-Rex Dinozord POP. Not sure if I'm confident to say that they're going to pull the trigger on the other Dinozrds.

Not a bobblehead, and good thing it's not. Works better this way

This is a unique POP because of the fact that it's a mechanical T-Rex. The stylized aesthetics of POPs usually gives an already non-human character a flare that humanoid POPs don't receive. Also, for the T-Rex Dinozord's case, there are so many sculpting involved due to it being a mechanical dinosaur. Funko definitely placed the work for this piece! While the pose isn't anything grand, the amount of details placed, all the illusion of mechanism, the ridges, the machine looking joints, the details inside the mouth, the gigantic T-Rex Dinozord head in contrast with the body--it's all done well. And it's also quite accurate. Pretty happy.

Just look at all that sculpted work! Seriously, this one is amazing!

Along with the sculpting requiring some extra work due to all the details, the coloring department also has a lot of OT to do. There are a lot of different colors found all over the T-Rex and Funko made sure to catch most (if not all) of the details. The silver bounces off real well with the matted red, while the other non-dominant colors like the black, blue, and yellow really stands out to add some contrast. Really good stuff.

Here is the T-Rex Dinozord next to the Red Ranger. Obviously, the POP Red Ranger ain't riding this Zord!

And then the Megazord POP next to the T-Rex! I love the contrast of size, for sure!

Not much else to say! I was very fortunate that my Best Friend got this for me! Then again, she'd been supplying my collection a lot so I'm very fortunate to have her! I really wanted this T-Rex Dinozord but it sold out immediately. She made sure I got it! I am VERY happy to have this one in my collection! It's a definite recommendation if y'all can find it in Target! Very happy!

Until Next Time!

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