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Funko POP: Wonder Woman (Justice League)

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Can't start the year without a #POP, eh? And another Wonder Woman, no less. Well, let's get right into the review then, shall we?

This series, more or less, is based on the 90s Justice League. Yes, the hardcore 90s days and during tthe time when Wonder Woman was snapping neck turning her reputation around--from bondage goddess to edgy strong woman. With that said, this is definitely something I wanted to put into my collection!

I'm tempted to get Superman, yes mullet Clark! Flash and Green Lantern look nice too but I'm not sure if I am going to pull the trigger.

Now we all know what Wonder Woman's classic outfit looks like. The 90s DiD very little to change her outfit but definitely put their spin on it; minor, but it's there. For this POP, the one thing that really took my attention is not the classic outfit because I already have one, but it's the pose and the shadowing gimmick (more on that later). I'm always a fan of a POP that is given a dynamic pose and nothing can be more dynamic than a flying character--female in flying poses is always a thing for me; it's the leg posture, mind you. Also, Diana holding her lasso is always a good thing because of what it entails later (one of the many possibilities). It's all done well and with how many POPs Wonder Woman received, Funko has done quite well; at least for the ones I got. This one is no exception. Sculpt is done quite well.

Shadowing, for sure!

The coloring is definitely part of the charm for the Justice League POP Series. I can't pinpoint the exact comic books but I do believe this is from the 90s, and I'm basing that on Superman's mullet and Diana's 3-spangle star blue 'trunks'. Regardless, the coloring is done well and the shadowing added a flare to it that sets it apart from the other Wonder Woman POPs. The hair is given blue shadowing to express lighting. I do like this a whole ton.

Here is POP Wonder Woman JL next to POP Wonder Woman (w/ classic cape) and POP Golden Age Wonder Woman. Different ages, different mediums for some, but the three are definitely representing our favorite classic Amazon Heroine.

While I do have a ton of Wonder Woman POPs, I do think this is a good addition. Not much more to say but it does capsulize another era of Wonder Woman. As my first POP of 2023 to review, it's a good start and perhaps does show a good leg for this year for this prominent toy series within my collection.

Until Next Time!

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