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FuRyu: Jeanne D'arc (Ruler)

An import figurine on the review! Yes, I do collect other things other than #POPs, ya know. So this time around I'm getting to FuRyu--a brand that has made an appearance or two on my blog. Well, since I saw a good price for Jeanne D'Arc from Fate Apocrypha, I just had to get on it. Not my favorite Fate series, but it had some good looking characters. Jeanne D'Arc was one of them. So let's get into the review of this figurine, shall we?

Standard box for this line of imports. You don't get window boxes some times but you do get a pretty accurate promotional shot of the figurine inside. If I wasn't so used to other imports, this would totally be amazing, but it--more or less, does the job and we can move on to the figure itself!

No getting around bit, this is simply beautiful. Then again, Jeanne's design is something to gawk at so having a figurine that is done with this much care is going to have that effect on me. She's got the usual Fate flare: armored up, some good color coordination, a pretty smile, and a small bit of skin exposure just to turn the notch of sexiness up. It's all about thigh highs, right? Saying all that, Jeanne is no Rin, but she does have some nice things about her that getting a statue of her isn't too far from my crosshairs.

The first thing that got me attached to this statue other than the character itself is the simple posture she has. It's simple, yes, but it's also quite complimenting for the figurine. Implied that she is walking, the movement allowed the long 'dress' on her back to flow and her hair whipping about. Both pieces showing good dynamic and the wrinkles are present where they should be. Her hands aren't doing anything particularly special, but her left hand holding her hilt does add a nice cherry bon top (one has to position the sword accordingly). Once again, as I said prior, the posing does do a lot of justice for the character since there are plenty to admire in her design.

The metal pieces on Jeanne acting as armor definitely have their details in place. The intricate designs are present as well as the ridges and layers that makes them look like medieval aesthetics. The lack of armor on certain areas are questionable, but hey, it's a Ruler servant so she's got mystical and plot armor to help her out, right? Other than that the clothing area, as I mentioned, have their wrinkles and organic look--the hair and the skin part do a fine job replicating the anime counter part. Not too bad at all.

Jeanne's color scheme for her standard Ruler form is actually something that I adore despite it not really having any of my standard favorite colors. No red, very little shades of black, and not a color scheme, but the do-gooder persona definitely doesn't lean too much on my taste buds. But with that said, paint wise and plastic variations, it's all done well to pay homage to the anime character. The dark purple all vary from each other, the silver does a fine job doing a juxtapose against the dark colors. Her skin and blonde hair puts it all together!

Certain angle definitely compliments!

A pretty smile

The finer details of the tiara and the.... collar (?) are more obvious up close.

One thing I wasn't able to really talk about was Jeanne's sword details. Something that is actually quite unique--complicating but not over the top.

She wears white....

And here we get a closer look at her... the intricacy of her armor designs. Something that is subtle and can only be seen within certain proximity and angle.

Here she is next to FuRyu Saber Musashi. The height is not at all accurate but good to see the two next to each other!

And here is FuRyu Jeanne D'arc next to her Figma counterpart. The consistency is there and I like both for what they are in terms of their category in my figurine line ups.

It's a simple statue with an even humble price. I like the character far more than the series she came from--her design, her looks, and some of her powers/skills definitely holds a certain spell for me. FuRyu does a fine job with their stuff so this figurine, I expected to hit a few good notes. With that said, I highly recommend her!

Until Next Time!

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