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Marvel Legends: Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman

You don't see #Marvel_Legends too often. But alas, here we are here with another Hasbro overpriced Action Figure. But you know what? It's one of my Victorious Vixens, Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman! Also, it's her black and red suit. Definitely not my favorite suit of hers, but I don't hate it. Other than that, let's get into the review, shall we?

The box is trying to throw back to the old ToyBiz days and I do like it. Simple and it has a window box that allows us to see the figure inside.

The accessories are still a sore spot for me. 2 pairs of alternate hands and that's it. I really wish they spend the time to give an unmasked face and or even a venom blast hand--something they can do because it's something I have with another Spider-Woman action figure.

Let's talk costume. I'll always enjoy the original no matter what. It's simple, sexy, and it's iconic. She had her other 'casual' outfit which I wasn't a fan of. This one, the color to me sticks out. The motifs don't spell Jessica Drew Spider-Woman, definitely not. They have always tried their best to separate Spider-Man and Spider-Woman in terms of origins, powers (though still similar), and aesthetics. This costume gave her web motifs, and okay, that's fine since it 'fits' the idea of a Spider-Woman, but it doesn't fit Jessica Drew. With that said, it doesn't look terrible. Of course, it doesn't have a lot of details so it's easy to replicate in plastic form. The body is already Jessica Drew used sculpt so it makes sense. I do like it for Jess. It fits and it's...quite nice to look at.

She's got nice form, right?

It's a mostly black outfit with some red tints and a small hint of yellow to harken back to her old costume.

I'm glad they tried to give the back of her some coloring and attention.

So with the design and color scheme dominantly black, it's not that complex in the paint job department. Though the area needed it, it's not too bad. It still falls within Hasbro's usual lack; no shadowing of any kind and there are some imperfections here and there. Still, they did a good job making the spider log stick out and the webbing area clean enough.

The accessory department missing some vital things like a venom blast effect or even an alternate face really hurts this figure.

The articulation is definitely standard to Hasbro. Of course, there are some missing things and there still hasn't been a way around the dense and non-maleable hair which prevents certain poses.

Jessica Drew still looks rather sexy in her new black costume though.

Here is the new Marvel Legends Spider-Woman next to ML Avengers 60th Anniversary: Veranke & Super Skrull 2-pack and ML BAF Lizard: Spider-Woman. The 2-Pack Jess/Veranke comes with a venom blast hand and the Lizard BAF Jess comes with an alternate face. None of them work too well to interchange. Shame.

Jessica Drew isn't exactly flooding with merchandise but she does have a good handful. I'll always be on the hunt for them and when it comes to Marvel Legends, I will still pick one up as long as it has one gimmick that is attractive enough. For this action figure, it's Jessica Drew in her 'new' outfit and I don't mind it. Marvel Legends is still not what I am in the market for and if they don't do something different with their new Spider-Woman action figure, that might be an easy pass. this was almost one. But, still, glad to have her.

Until Next Time!

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