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Marvel Legends (News): Venompool BAF!

More #Marvel_Legends news! Again as I pointed out, my collecting days for Hasbro's finest are probably long gone. They are a devourer of real estate in my non-existent Game Room, they become costly with how often #Hasbro produce new product, and all in all, I think I may have been burned out with constantly reviewing action figures that are relatively the same figure after figure (that's a very loose statement by the way). But I can't deny that Hasbro's 2020 announcement does not tickle my fancy! And with the Venompool #BAF-wave, man... tempting!

As someone who enjoyed the Venom movie, I will say that I wish they gave him the logo on his chest. It's one of his more recognizable design but the "logical" part of me understands why they didn't put it in. Still, he looks really naked without it and they should've done more with the white lines on his chest to make it more ... prominent? Despite that, this action figure looks rather nice. He looks rather tall and very menacing... and if they make those white lines sculpted rather than painted in, it might just add that much more to this action figure. If I was to pull the trigger on one of these action figures, it would be him.

Gwenom looks amazing too. I was never too excited with her symbiote design but honestly, it ain't too bad. I keep forgetting that they kept her teal shoes and gave them a claw! I adore it!

This is the Morbius I first saw during the 90s! I love this look for him! Another figure I'm tempted to buy all for nostalgic reasons, really! It's his look from Maximum Carnage and the Venom series! Good choice, Hasbro!

Phage I would get for completionist sake. I have Scream and I have Lasher! As part of the five Symbiotes during the Lethal Protector kick-off series, I adore him. Despite his aforementioned brethren being outdated, I still need to add him in with them! Now they need to make the other two (forget their names all the time!).

As for the #BAF, I'm actually quite impressed. He looks massive and with plenty of sculpt work to him. He also has alternate hands to hold those giant swords of his. Not too bad. While I'm not the biggest Deadpool fan I do understand his impact and Hasbro implementing his popularity within the Marvel Legends realm is not something I frown upon (most of the time). Good BAF!

All in all, it's really not a bad BAF set. It's got another Carnage, a good looking Venomized Miles Morales, it has three figures I actually am interested in, then we have the BAF set that is pretty good. Morbius, while he hung around Venom a lot during the 90s, he's definitely a bit out of place. Oh well. Probably promoting Morbius' movie too.

Now, one more Marvel Legends that caught my attention!

This guy! He has been in my wishlist for so long (even if I didn't mention him with my LAST wishlist). The Silver Centurion Armor is the first armor I ever saw Iron Man in way-back-when. He definitely has a nostalgic factor so every time I see this armor (or a variant of it), I get excited.

And definitely Iron Man is a seller--and he is one of those characters that gets used to sell action figures all the time and honestly, I can't blame toy companies. For one, I already mentioned that he is a money-maker; two, he has a lot of armors and one can make versions on their own. He has a reason to have toys and, seriously, I have to have this guy. Other than the Modular armor, the Silver Centurion is a must for my collection. He has fists, he has repulsor blast, and he has that comic book accurate look. Yeah, most definitely I will be hunting for this guy! He'd go great with my Silver Centurion Hot Toy! Thank you Hasbro!

Until Next Time!

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