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Masterless: Game Room VIII

Here we go! A 2022 showing of the new "Red Room"! And this time around, unlike my previous iteration of my Game Room (VII), this is in the current moment and the most updated version of my fandom. Also, I used my smartphone for this post so it's going to have some spotty pictures here and there. Well, let's get to it then! Let me welcome you to new Game Room!

This is basically my 'game room', even if no gaming actually happens here. Every once in a while I dabble with stuff on my steam but for the most part, this is just my room where I turn in after a long day. It's also where I display MOST of my collection.

Most of these things have been reviewed on my Toy Review section so no need to talk about them again.

Notice the Final Fantasy shelf has a 'missing spot'? One can only wonder why!


This shelf has been with me for a LONG time. Pretty much with every iteration of my Game Room, this thing has followed me!

The Victorious Vixens spot! Hoping to get more of the FF gals in here! Especially Terra since she's lacking!

Bishoujos, of course!

This is where I call in, of course. This is also where the POPs start surrounding me!

Now of course I'm going to put up the Elsa 'shrine' along with the other Disney characters that I truly adore. I've had that huge poster for a long time now and it made its return here--obviously. I also finally made use of the postcards I got from #Disneyland and partnered them in with some artwork print. Overall, I like the vibe with this part.

Ranni has become quite a figure as you will see. Also, some Commissions made the walls. A'rlen, I'm sure is happy.

Moving to another room, this side is a bit more 'tamed'. This is where most guests lounge so it can't be cluttered every twist and turn with my stuff. It's also 'not complete' but mark my words, as you will see here, it's still got my 'touch'.

Final Fantasy and alcohol. This bar has also gained some mileage.

And I know, it's quite glaring! I'm going to need a bigger TV. Eventually. Right now, I'm trying to recuperate from May and June's demands on my wallet. Also, this TV is just fine in terms of resolution and how it works with my PS5. That and I have to start thinking about the fact that when I actually get a new TV that is bigger, I'm going to have to be really mindful with my spring since it's going to boot off my PS5 to a new position. Maybe a coffee table? At any rate, the left side of me, the door, got some amalgamation of stuff. I know, it's not done and it looks a bit off. I'll get more up. Eventually.

And this wall I adore. I was able to put some old posters up with the new ones to make it this cohesive but VERY mixed genres that I am into.

Well, I believe this is a good time to kind of stop for now. It's not 100% done, but it's pretty much in a place where I feel comfortable showing it off. I still have some additions coming and I will most likely do an updated post as soon as I have some significant additions! Will definitely add a new TV some time. More posters, possibly add another POP shelf, so on and so on. But, yeah! Pretty happy with how this turned out!

Until Next Time!

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