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Masterless: Gamer Room VII

Elsa. Yep. Got her own area.


That's probably one of the easiest way to describe this part of my game room journey. While I had this room, grew with this room, and literally build a little empire, it is just that... a room. For better or for worse, this is what it was and I wasn't really able to expand or show the full glory. BUT, for what I was able to, it sure was something.

I've had this red "book shelf" for a LONG LONG time and it pretty much holds the girth of the collection for this round. Usually it holds some of my 'best' (not always), but this time around it just holds the majority. It's also where I really started my "Victorious Vixens" shelf. Something that I feel will continue to grow in future endeavors.

There will always be an Iron Man shelf. And there's the Victorious Vixens shelf--something that is shared with the other 'honorary' members.

My comic book #Bishoujos.

Whoa! Really stuffed in there!

The "anime" and random shelves. All the pretty/sexy girls that cover different brands in almost every genre. I used the term 'anime' very loosely.

Random shelving.

Then my 'gaming' area. Not much of an 'entertainment center', but it works. I definitely had lots of memories with this set up! (FFXIV and Elden Ring I'm looking at you!).

This is also the room where I started getting the idea of using a baseball bat case as a #POP holder. Genius! I forgot where I borrowed the idea.

Well, that's it for this room. Eventually when I 'finish' my current situation, I will show off what the new " Game Room" will look like. At this moment, this is what it is and despite it being a transition--sure was a great time. Thank you.

Until Next Time!

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