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Video Game Awards: 2022 (FFXVI and Beyond)

2022 was, more or less, the same for me in terms of gaming. I delved into #FFXIV, played a bit of Elden Ring first half, and with this last month I'm going to do more FFXIV and then some (Samurai Maiden and Crisis Core Reunion). But 2022 for the gaming world is pretty much coming into a close and time to give respect to the best that took front and center. So what do we have? Well, I'm not going to be thorough, but I am going to delve into what I really dive into. So... let's talk!


Before I gush about the trailer, can I just adore Clive's outfit? He looks sick! Like a true Final Fantasy character! Looks like a Warrior of Darkness or something, right?

Not to mention that poster looks really damn good, doesn't it? Clive being the Dominant of Ifrit is going to be an interesting idea and I want to see how this goes! Also, the summons are front and center--literally!

Also, it's Jill Warrick! The Dominant of Shiva! And Cidolfus... Cid the Dominant of Ramuh? Thunder God Cid? Yeah. Let's get going!

Fate is indeed written in fire! So much goodness in this trailer! I cannot do it justice! 06/23/2023 is a long time but I am going to be super patient and wait! Let's go! FFXVI got nominated for most anticipated game but Breath of the Wild 2 won; honestly, it's not exactly something to put against the game since Zelda is also the other monster franchise. But FFXVI is my hype.

Armored Core 6

From Software is a winning team as of late. With the success of Elden Ring (more on that), one certainly believes that they are going to shoot for another game sooner than later. The safe bet was another Soulsborne game. Bloodborne 2 or Sekiro 2--but this time, they surprised us with Armored Core 2. Now it's not a typical mech vs mech kind of game. I played Armor Core a while back and I actually enjoyed it. This one looks like it's going to have the hardcore formula FromSoftware has been known for. Will definitely dive in when it comes!

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

I was mildly interested in this game prior. But with the passing of the Great Kevin Conroy, this seems to spark an interest that I didn't have prior. Going to keep my eyes on this one as the days/months go by!

Gameranx Recap

Again, I skipped over a lot but hopefully, GameRanx can fill in the blanks. They might've missed a few themselves, but they're far more thorough than me.


Same thing with this section, I'm going to gloss over these as well. I'm going to touch base on two games, honestly.

Game of the Year:

Are we really that surprised? Elden Ring struck the gaming world HARD. I clocked in a few hours so I can back it up. Though, I didn't play a lot of different games this year so I'm a bit biased. There's that. But it does deserve it. For sure. Also, Elden Ring won a few awards but a game of the year is the most important. But "Best Game Direction & Best Art Direction" are good accolades!

Best Ongoing Game & Best Community Support:

This game, a decade old and still winning awards. Well deserved. I don't think I need to say anymore, right?

Exciting next year for sure! With #FFXVI in the future and a few other gems, I'm ready to sink my teeth into some new worlds! Will keep updating things as we go through the next few months! So that's it for now!

Until Next Time!

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