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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" Halloween 2023

Well, it's actually Halloween now! It's time to celebrate the spookiness and everything haunted and supernatural, right? Well, this time we'll go into Marvel DiD-ness since they have Spiders, Werewolves, Witches, and a whole lot more. I know! It's cheating putting #TuT Halloween around superheroes who are constantly in costume. But hey, I'm going with themed costumes or peril so let's just get into it, shall we?

And what is a Halloween canonical DiD moment without Spider-Woman? She's spider-themed, she's taken into a haunted house by the Hangman--whose motifs scream Halloween! So let's start with that!

I'm not going to go super in detail since y'all know what this is about. It's definitely one of the best ones out there in terms of Marvel DiD with the only thing hampering it is the quick escape and the utter nonsense of it. But hey, it's got Jessica Drew in rope and gagged! I'm all for it and so are you~

Costumed X-Gals. Yes. Jubilee, X-23, Boom Boom, and Dazzler are all wearing costumes for what reason? I don't know. I didn't read this comic.... I just got enthralled by it.

Why are they wearing costumes and why are they tied up? Why are they being summoned to the Krakoa assembly when they're tied up? I don't know.

I don't care. School Girl, cheerleader, Witch, and anime maid?! I'm down. No gag though. Should've gagged at least Jubilee and Dazzler! Heck, all four of 'em!

She's not sitting down. Yeah, I've featured this before. I'm pretty sure that it is also a bait-and-switch but hey! It's got a goblin-looking Jackal and a Spider-Gal. And candles. Perfect for Halloween!

Wolfsbane. Werewolf. Tied up to a chair. Yeah, Rahne's got some moments for sure and this lasted most of the comic.

No gag and she got out. Should've tapped her feet and hands, right?

And a gag. Definitely a gag! A bit gag!

Witches and Magik for New Mutants #28! Chained up Magik and held prisoner by the Black Queen. Again, no gag but hey, Illyana looks distressed, doesn't she? Probably another bait-and-switch for sure.

I also think this is from "Curse of the Mutants", I believe.

And ending it with this beautiful picture that involves vampires getting caught in the act! I hope these gals are just taking a nap while strung up cause it's a good moment, for sure. But don't know... ANYWAYS!

Happy Halloween!

Definitely got some tricks and treat for any Damsel he comes across!

May this year is filled with treat far more than tricks! Unless you are tricking some unsuspecting Marvel (or DC--heck any damsel) heroine into a trap so she spends a few in a moment. Be safe!

Until Next Time!

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