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Bishoujo: Applejack

Well, she's here! Applejack is here to complete the #MLP #Bishoujo Main Six set! Wow it's been a journey! Without further adieu then, let's get into reviewing the last pony gal to arrive within my collection! Ladies and gentleman, here we have Applejack!

To get it out of the way: Applejack is probably my second the least favorite pony. Her color scheme and her virtue does appeal but her personality and her often lackluster arcs kind of pushed me away. Least she's not as insufferable as Rainbow Dash! When Applejack interacts with the others, gets paired up or with the whole group, it's usually something that piques my interest and so suffice it to say, I do have some love for Applejack.

And as always, gotta admire the Shun Yamashita art to plastic form. It's always something to gawk at and appreciate.

Applejack's pony version is actually quite cute. I love the expression, the pose, and the overall accuracy to the character. Again, she's not my favorite design but she's definitely not the last.

And the base does quite well mirroring the cutie mark and the color scheme.

There's actually quite a lot to enjoy with Applejack. Much like her counterparts, the cowgirl-pony have style that adheres to her upbringings, she has sass in her pose, she has sexiness--subtle and quite appealing, and overall, the quality that Bishoujo is known for carries over. So let's check her out!

Hand on the hip and tipping the hat. Simply gorgeous.

Clothing-wise, Applejack in her Equestria Girl's form is definitely 'country' and/or cowgirl-ish. She's got the plaid button up sleeve that is tied to her chest to give a bit of a midriff look. To avoid unnecessary skin exposure, Applejack wears a white undershirt that goes well with her denim frill skirt. Then, of course, her signature cowgirl hat that is complimented with her boots. She has one f the most simple designs out of everyone and it works for many different reasons. Mostly because of the way that Bishoujo just lines it up with their sculpted details, the clothing 'texture', the wrinkles, and the way each clothing article is sculpted to look like real and organic clothing. It all comes together quite well and even Pony Applejack's hat is just perfect!

Girl's got sass.

Compared to some of the other girls in this line, Applejack's pose is quite simple and not so dynamic. Though it's no way taking away from the pure personality of this statue. Applejack isn't much for flare and 'fu-fu', but she is a gal quite aware of what/who she is. She knows where she's comfortable and good at and Kotobukiya got that essence with this very accurate posture; one that Applejack, Equestrian Applejack would very much well get into.

Hair lacks the usual flare compared to the other gals, but considering that it first the character, it's quite alright.

The tipping of the hat is right on character. That's always part of her signature quirks that shouldn't have been left out. The confident pose and the addition of a winking Pony definitely does the trick! I'd say in this department, it's all done well.

And then, of course, the color applications is just gorgeous. The shading on the skin is just well done and it meshes well with her hair that is a bit more on the mustard (?) blonde. The clothing pops and it's simple but based on the fantastic sculpting, the red, white, and blue definitely hits it out of the park. Another amazing job well done on Kotobukiya's side!

The hair could've used more shading, but hey, it's a good pass. Definitely not going to gripe too much on that.

Her expression seethes of jubilance, confidence, and so much fun. And while Applejack isn't the most hyperactive of the Equestrian gals, she is true to herself--the spectrum that she represents within the Elements of Harmony allows her to be open, free, and honest to what she wants and how she is supposed to be. The expression just says all that. Also, definitely does seem like she's saying 'howdy!' to us. Perfectly done.

And here is a close up of her... cutie mark. It's absolutely well done. The wrinkles on her denim skirt, the frills, and just the over all look of it. Good angle.

And here is Bishoujo Applejack next to Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbowdash! to have them all together at last is actually quite a fantastic feeling. I was excited for this set, as unorthodox and out of left field as it was when they were announced, but hey, I really enjoy them in my collection! I may not be a "Brony" or THAT big of a fan of MLP, however I do have some good memories getting introduced to the show. Still need to catchup with the last two seasons and I plan to, eventually. Until then, I have these awesome statues to represent that special part of my life.

As the closing piece to the Main Gals (not counting Sunset or the Princesses), Applejack definitely nails it. I'm surprised how much I adore her simplicity. It's Applejack and still very honest to the core as a statue. I can't recommend her enough or the entire Main Six. I can't say that even my least favorite of the bunch is a dud. All in all, Applejack does bow the series with a bang. Seriously, check out this series or at least check one of them out.

Until Next Time!

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