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Funko POP: Gingerbread Iron Man

Very old box--figure is good though

Another #POP to add to the collection! Another Holiday POP to be exact. This one is a Gingerbread version too! Now I know I've been big into POP Holidays and this is not going to be the last one to add so be prepped. Speaking of prepped, let's just get right into the review!

This is definitely a cast of jolly heroes and heroines. The Gingerbread idea is a nifty idea, to say the least. It's unique for a POP, it's Christmas, and how they incorporate a character with the theme is something I do enjoy. Though I'm not sure who else or if I am going to be getting anyone else from this series. But Iron Man was a must. Maybe Black Panther and Wanda? We'll see.

From this angle, the box looks fine. And honestly, the box is not a big deal even if I will be keeping said box because I'll use them to keep the POP safe while in storage.

I love how he looks! He looks exactly what he is supposed to look like a Gingerbread Man that is designed to look like Iron Man. Perfect! The sculpting definitely lends to both sides of what the gimmick is trying to go for. The shape of his head, body, and limbs, all perfectly captures that signature Holiday pastry! But with his coloring and little details, one can see one of Stark's classic early Iron Man suits. I do love how the sculpted eyes, arc, boots, gloves, and even the outlines make this figurine stand out. The sugar cream repulsors though! That's a nifty touch! And the pose is nothing short of simple but definitely dynamic and showcases the figurine! I adore it!

I love the small details of the Gingerbread's texture! And the way that frosting is coming down gives it a believable look of the figure's elevation and the image of a sweet liquid!

And, of course, nothing would be as good-looking without the colors being as on-point as it is. First, the brown definitely fits as a gingerbread shade. It also compliments well with the the red, the blue, the red, and the little black. The baby blue for the 'repulsors' is the same color as his eyes and it adds up quite well.

Hall of Armor, eh? Yeah, I have a lot of POP Iron Man, trust me. It's kind of hard to really put them all together but there's a few of them. I do love the variety of these guys, eh? And I feel like more are coming for sure.

They're here to be civil and jolly. Definitely might need to grab Cap one day, eh?

I actually really like this POP. I like the theme and the creativity behind it, for sure. Having only two of these, I can still say that it's worth it, for sure! A definite good addition to the Christmas POP line up.

Until Next Time!

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