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Funko POP: Zombie Iron Man (What If...?)

Wouldn't you know? Another #POP! Not a Disney Princess this time though it is Disney related (I still have other Princess POPs coming don't you worry). Dipping into the #MCU once again, here we have Zombie Iron Man from the What If...? series. So, let's check him out!

I'm just going to say that the What If...? series didn't capture my attention as much as it should have! The comic book series with the same title had a lot of flare so I had (unfairly perhaps) high expectations and what I saw, well.... didn't live up to what I wanted and at the end of it all, that's okay. It's there and it brought some good ideas and it introduced the main stream to the idea of Marvel's What If series. Suffice it to say, Tony Stark may be gone in the main line MCU, but we do have ourselves a Zombie version of him--of course they did and here she is in Funko form!

If there is anyone else that interested me in this set, it might be Cap or Wanda. Doubt I'm going to go out of my way to get them though. But I guess we'll see.

It's Iron Man's Nano-tech/Infinity War armor so it's nothing new. That suit has been done in action figure form so many times that it's lost some novelty. The Zombie face of Tony Stark, however, is something that really got my attention when I was shopping around for some new POPs. I own a lot of Iron Man stuff and POPs are no exception to that rule and I never thought I would want an Iron Man zombie version. But here I am with one and mostly it comes with the appeal of how detailed this guy is for what it is. The armor is good, got the right details to make it look like Stark's Infinity War armor, that's all fine. The pose is still repulser-blast homage but got that zombie walking flavor to it. The head sculpt is definitely where I'm going to say that really got me to look at this POP closely and convinced me that I need this one in my collection. That snarl, all those markings and scratches, and it's still a recognizable Tony Stark too!

The colors picked and the paint job is just fine. Stark's color palette for the What If episode had its own flare to match the style of the show and the circumstance of the episode and Funko delivered. The less than vibrant red and gold and that ghoulishly colored face is just perfect. The added hints of pink across his death pale face is perfect too!

Here he is next to POP: Infinity War Hulkbuster. Definitely can see the color shade difference.

Speaking of different shades, here he is next to POP: "Endgame"/I am Iron Man and POP: Infinity War Iron Man. Different point of MCU Iron Man/Tony Stark next to his "What If...?" Zombie version is a nice contrast.

All in all, this POP is a win for me. I'm not entirely sure if I can say that this is a must-have for everyone and if the "What If...?" wasn't your flavor, then this isn't it. However, Marvel Zombies is a big thing and with the #MCU is going all out with a "What If...?" spin off with the undead Marvel Superheroes, having this one might just be a milestone.

Until Next Time!

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