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Funko POP: Merida (Disney Princess)

Updated: Apr 11

Another #POP in the form of another Disney Princess! I told y'all I'm going to be on a streak for a bit! This time it's the Archer from Brave herself, Merida of Clan DunBroch! Let's get right into the review, shall we?

It's a pretty known fact that Brave is a Pixar Movie--a studio from Disney that usually doesn't touch the Princess-themed stuff that Disney Animations does. But Brave was a different story and eventually, Merida became an official Disney Princess (coronation and all in Disney World). As far as her design, she's simple but has that outlandish red hair to play off her dark green dress. In the beginning, she had a nice-looking bow too that had its own intricate designs--but that ended up being broken due to events and she just used a regular bow throughout the rest of the movie. She's not the typical Disney Princess for sure. She reminds me of Mulan in a sense. Warrior, capable, and just outright rebellious.

Speaking of Mulan, she's in this set. Though I may go a different route in terms of getting her. Jasmine is there, but Alladin is not one of my favorite movies if I was to be honest.

The one thing I can say is that right off the get-go, Funko did Merida justice! The wild and crazy red hair is sculpted as dynamically (as it can be) just as it was in the movie. Her pose highlights her affinity and love with the bow, and her dress and most of the small details are sculpted in there. There's not much to say and complain about other than this is well done. And I know I usually complain about Funko's work on hair but this time, they gave it some care so I'd say it's a win.

The obvious gap may be jarring, but all in all, it's nicely done!

The color is just as good as the sculpting. The only thing is that maybe Merida's hair could be a bit more 'fire-red/orange'? But t that's just me nitpicking. It looks like Merida from first glance so no real complaints.

There is POP Merida next to POP Raya, POP Moana, and POP (Some Things Never Change) Elsa. All 3D-era Princesses of Disney (without Rapunzel... who is coming soon). Good little line-up, eh?

All in all, it's a good-looking POP for sure. I like Brave and I think it's an underrated Disney/Pixar movie. Having Merida in the lineup is a must for me so definitely this little thing is deserving. Though I will say that unlike the other Disney Princess so far, she lacks 'other things' like a backdrop or a sidekick.... but putting Angus with Merida would make it a rider series. But, I like this! Recommend it for any Brave fans and/or anyone trying to have a Disney line up POPs.

Until Next Time!

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