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Funko POP: Scream (Walgreens)

Scream! Scream for another #POP to enter the fray! Let's get into the review with this new addition to my POP collection! I swear #Funko will never stop growing their library!

Another Walgreens Exclusive! They sured do get a lot of good exclusives, don't they? I can't complain too much because I do get the ones I want form Walgreens one way or another. I might not get it at initial release, but I can always wait. And once or twice I have found Walgreens Exclusives in the wild but for this case, I ordered Scream directly from First time ordering there and I am pleased with how quick and how safe my POPs were!

Now as for Scream, I think she was the only stand out from the five Symbiotes from the Life Foundation. There was another female Symbiote, Agony, who didn't really stick out as much. Scream (Donna Diego), made more than a few appearances here and there to keep her prominent, and here she is with a Funko POP (mind you, she's had other things before like a Marvel Legends to name one). I love her design, her powers, and just the idea of her. In fact, if I was to give Ms. Drew a Symbiote, it would BE THIS particular one; fits her color scheme.

If I want to go crazy with my POP collection, I'd start collecting Spiderverse POPs.... but that might be for another time and another place.

As for Scream as a POP, she looks rather good, honestly. Believe it or not, she really does resemble the simple but very vibrant way the Marvel Legends Scream was made--that thing I adore just by aesthetics alone. Sculpt is simple but it has a lot of 'character' to it and the pose definitely fits quite well with this menacing femme fatale. The hair, while not as dynamic and extravagant as I would like, but it still has tendrils sticking out of it here and there--which pays homage to one of Scream's most prominent features as a female symbiote. The eyes and mouth is also sculpted, which, again, reminds me of #Hasbro's work. I adore it. Simple but definitely genius.

The color is sharp and definitely adhering to Scream's vibrant color scheme. The red and yellow don't match exactly between the head and the body, but hey, it's still good enough. The way her face is colored is just both adorable and a bit terrifying if one thinks about what this character is capable of outside her petite and cute POP form. At any rate, no real complaints in this department.

Here she is next to POP Venom/Eddie Brock. These tow have a history and they look rather good together in this form.

And here she is with the POP Venomized Storm. Sad to say, these two are my only female symbiotes in my POP collection. It'll change--sooner or later.

I really like this POP. I like Scream as a character, period. Glad Funko did her justice in her adorable mini form. I simply have to recommend her for anyone who is a fan of the symbiotes and want her in their collection. She was 'an original' female symbiote before it got multiverse crazy after all!

Until Next Time!

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