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Funko POP: Sombra (Los Muertos)

#POP toy review coming in for 2021! This time it's going back to Overwatch with one of my favorite gals from the place. Ladies and gents, let's take a gander at Sombra with her alternate skin in POP form!

The #Funko Insider club is something I am not familiar with but this little exclusive is pure joy to look at and to have. Although I don't play Overwatch, I do have some adoration for a lot of the character designs--original and alternate--and Sombra's aesthetics and personality definitely appealed to me! I typically didn't want to stray too far away from her 'vanilla' design since I like it so much but seeing this Los Muertos alternate, I fell in love--quickly. I had to get her, so here she is!

I might want to get that Reaper. Also, I need a Tracer POP. She's definitely a favorite of mine and just having her Figma doesn't seem enough.

Right off the get-go, Sombra's design almost makes her unrecognizable. Mainly because it is a drastic change from her usual color scheme. Sombra wears a lot of black and purple and while this alternate outfit doesn't depart from it completely, the minor sprinkling of purple, the dominant black, and the neon paint on her herbs, arms, and face definitely sets her apart from her usual looks. Also that magnificent pink and red hair that is spiked up rather than letting it fall on the left side. I rather like it even if I won't choose this over her usual attire. If I played Overwatch, I probably wouldn't mind using this skin (akin to me using Terra's other skins when I used to play #Dissidia_NT).

Love the sculpting! Especially on her hair!

Sombra's pose is actually quite good. It's not too dynamic but it has a certain feel to it that she's ready to get into action if need be. The rest of the sculpting is on par with what I come to expect with POPs. Detailed in areas that need be and even when lacking certain things, it still looks good. No complaints on t his department!

There are a few things that makes the coloring on this POP drop a point or two. The bleeding on the pink paint to her skin is too obvious for me to just let it be. The rest, however, looks damn good. The bright colors pop and the dark colors just seems to fit right in. I adore it a lot!

Again, for what they are trying to do, I think Funko did a fantastic job replicating it! And Sombra looks way more intimidating with this outfit on!

Here is POP Los Muertos Sombra next to Pop Sombra. Again, the new skin makes it look like that Los Muertos Sombra is a new character, right? All in all, I adore her so much!

I had zero intentions on buying her but the more I stared at her in the store, the more I fell in love with her. As one of my first POPs this year, I think she is a fantastic purchase! An unorthodox color scheme that meshes well, a look that is such a departure from the original that it's almost a new character, the pose, the sculpt, it's just well done. Sure the painting is imperfect, but hey, I can't complain too much. Overwatch/Sombra fans, get her! You won't be disappointed!

Until Next Time!

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