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Funko POP: Spider-Man (Xmas 2023)

Spider-Man attending the Festivities? Sure! Depending on which Spidey, he might actually be able to afford to bring gifts! Well, with that said, let's just get on with the present and talk about this Christmas Spider-Man #POP, shall we?

Ah the Christmas spirit is here, for sure! Once again, the entire set is something I am aiming to get so be prepared to see all of them on my blog pretty soon!

Spider-Man in a Holiday sweater is always a treat. Something that brightens the spirit and is utterly hilarious about this look.

A lot of good things to talk about in regard to this POP. First is the posing. Not the most Spider-Man-esque pose, I know, but it definitely does showcase Parker's Xmas spirit with that sweater. The webbing all over Spidey is sculpted, every line, giving his head, hands, and feet some depth. The 'opaque eyes' are also sculpted in, truly giving some sculpted work to this seemingly simple POP. So there's not much to gripe in this department!

Gotta admire sculpted webbing!

The colors are great! The paint job on the sweater is spot on and I can't complain. The snowflake webbings, the multi colors of green and red, the dots... all in all, it's an ugly sweater for sure! The red and blue for the costume is also done well so, again, one of it's strongest features.

What's a Spiderverse without a Festive Spirit, eh?

Here is POP Spider-Man (Xmas 2023) next to POP Big Time Spider-Man, POP Spider-Man (PS4 Gamestop exclusive), POP NWH Amazing Spider-Man, and POP Superior Spider-Man. That's a lot of Spideys all with different themes and gimmicks. The Spiderverse, for sure.

A Christmas themed Spidey just in time for his new game and the Holidays. I am not sure if Festive POPs are for everyone btu I definitely recommend him. Don't be shocked becuase this won't be the last Christmas themed Marvel POP this year!

Until Next Time!

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