• Onyx

Masterless: The Game Room VI

Time for a "Game Room" revelation. You know, it's been a LONG time since I posted one of these. In fact, I haven't posted one on this blog at all. But before some changes happen I wanted to at least 'record' what the 6th iteration of #Game_Room looks like. So without further adieu, let me just go ahead and post what GR MK VI looks like. I'll try my best and talk about the areas and or what not. But let's just let the pictures do most of the talking.

Basically that's my couch... my gaming couch. Those are my 'decorations' behind me and beside me. All around me.

That's basically a mixed X-Men, Avengers, Villains, and random Marvel heroes/heroines type of shelf. Oh, and yeah, my Disney lanyard filled with Disneyland pins. That's also where my #DiD action figure scenes are if one can spot them.

The X-Men/X-Force shelf is probably my favorite one.