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Masterless: The Game Room VI

Time for a "Game Room" revelation. You know, it's been a LONG time since I posted one of these. In fact, I haven't posted one on this blog at all. But before some changes happen I wanted to at least 'record' what the 6th iteration of #Game_Room looks like. So without further adieu, let me just go ahead and post what GR MK VI looks like. I'll try my best and talk about the areas and or what not. But let's just let the pictures do most of the talking.

Basically that's my couch... my gaming couch. Those are my 'decorations' behind me and beside me. All around me.

That's basically a mixed X-Men, Avengers, Villains, and random Marvel heroes/heroines type of shelf. Oh, and yeah, my Disney lanyard filled with Disneyland pins. That's also where my #DiD action figure scenes are if one can spot them.

The X-Men/X-Force shelf is probably my favorite one.

That's my wall behind me. Has a few random gaming posters, the Skyrim map, the first Dissidia wall scroll, some Mass Effect stuff, Street Fighter, Spider-Woman, Iron Man, and other random anime characters. When I build my wall for posters and unopened "mint in the box" action figures, I try to have some kind of theme. I try to tell a story in some way to represent something that goes on in my head or at the very least, keep in sync with what are displayed on the shelves that are accompanying the wall. Don't always work out that way, but I try.Behind my couch are posters that I have collected while living here and the boxes of some of the more expensive and fragile action figures I own. Yes, I have an area for that but they are pretty much concealed. I hate to have excess are being used for something like boxes, but the living situation does allow for any other storage areas. That and I need these boxes in the event I need to put some of displayed action figures/figurines away.

Then there's my Red Shelf. This is where I place my most collected theme and/or character. For this case, it's an Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Elsa, Harley Quinn, and Asuka shelf. If I had a lot of Rikku and Terra paraphernalia, they'd be in here. Unfortunately, I don't.

Tons of Iron Man both his variant colors and his famous red and gold theme. Some of you will recognize the Hot Toy, the Mezco, the POP, and, of course, The #Marvel_Legends.

Then there's my lovely Spider-Woman and Elsa shelf. My other expensive statue, the Bowen Spider-Woman resides here as well as the Bishoujos. Hoping to get more Elsa merchandise; maybe they'll give her Frozen 2 a #Figma version?

That's my wall with comic book decorations, a 2B and Rikku poster, more #Diamond_Selects and games.

More random #Marvel_Legends from the Toybiz days. Some Marvel Universe action figures, then there's my #NECA TMNT; action figures that I have no room for anywhere else.

This shelving unit revolves mostly on my #gaming action figures. Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, Street Fighter, etc. This is also where I dedicated a shelf to Anime figures like #Figma, #SHFiguarts, #Revoltech, etc. #FuRyus also make their way on this area as one can tell.

#Playarts_KAI are here as well both in the Mass Effect area and the Final Fantasy realm.

Why is this shot so crooked? But yes, these are old Playarts back when "KAI" was not part of the brand name.

And yes, that's my Playarts KAI Terra Branford in display! And this shot was intentionally crooked, mind you.

The shot of my gaming view. Not the biggest TV, but definitely works. And at one point, Mass Effect was my favorite video game. I got that poster from a gamestop close to me at midnight release.

The shelf on the left of my TV is another shelf dedicated to some #Marvel_Legends, mostly Venom and Spidey, some McFarlane Spawn toys, #Bishoujos of Marvel and DC, and an odd DC shelf.

#Bishoujos both the beautiful Marvel and DC gals!

And a very small portion of unopened action figures of DC.

In my previous posts about my Game Room, I would detail things a bit more. Highlighting action figures that I hold dear or are my 'holy grail'. I don't have as much time these days but a quick glance at my Game Room is always nice. Well, that's about all I have. It's time for me to take my exit. I most likely will have a different set up some time in the future. If anything else, #Toy_Reviews of my usual catch will always be posted in here!

Until Next Time!

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