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Playarts Kai & Flare (News): Nier Automata

Nier Automata is one of my favorite game and 2B, 9S, and A2 are definitely memorable on their own right! With that said, I am a fan of collecting so I'd like to take in any good merchandise of the lovely Androids. This time around, Flare and #Playarts_Kai provided!

This lovely statue has been out for a while and I was close to getting it the first time it came out. I cancelled due to price but regretted it. When Sideshow came around with it, I jumped on the 'standard' version!

This adorable young Android is also getting a Flare treatment. Looks good and I'm tempted, but I can't. 9S is a good character but I can't go out like that right now. Glad he is getting some love though! He's even getting a Playarts Kai love!

Speaking of Playarts Kai, this A2 action figure is so beautiful. The deluxe version definitely allows for several display options and I wish I had the resources and the space for this thing. Also, I wish I trust Playarts Kai a bit more since they have some bad marks in my book from my previous purchases (Lightning, Noctis, and even Terra). But they are addressing some of that through options, swappable faces, and hopefully, better quality when the mass produced figures come out.

Now despite my words about Playarts Kai and my experience with the line, there is a waitlist for this figure at the moment and that says something. Also, I have to admit that this prototype does show promise. This 2B might just be worth the trouble for any one who purchase her; shame I'm not at the moment.

I do have 2B's BringArts and I am okay with it. I'm not sure if I can fork up the time and cash for Playarts Kai 2B, but at least I am getting the Flare. All in all, though, Nier Automata love through plastic form is something I can appreciate. Will keep y'all posted! Can't wait for mine!

Until Next Time!

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