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POP: Venomized Punisher

Another #POP is here for a review! Venomized Marvel characters are a thing and I'm down for some of them! A Frank Castle with a symbiote? I'm down! Let's get on to the review and see how this thing stands out!

Punisher is not in my top ten favorite Marvel characters--might not even say he's in my twenty but I honestly can't help but respect this guy. He's a no BS and doesn't have problems crossing other heroes just so he can get the job done. He's already ruthless, reckless, and cunning all at the same time and in a world filled with grand heroes and superpowers, someone like Frank Castle, a normal guy with just guns, he has to go that route. And with all his don't-care antics, give him a symbiote and he's even deadlier because now you provide him superpowers! Again, this idea might be played out to this point but all in all, with some proper character combinations, it actually does have some good things coming out of it. The aesthetics are what I go for and honestly, Frank Castles aka "The Punisher", just looks simple but crazy enough.

I got Storm and Daredevil from this set. The only other one that interests me is X-23 and even then I can pass. Not a bad wave though.

While they didn't do a lot of crazy things with Frank, they did really hit the mark with adding the symbiote aesthetics. He has a jacket and a shirt with the skull/spider amalgamation, he has bullets on his waist/belt that looks like teeth, and then while the gun is a bit cheesy, it still fits the theme they were going for. He doesn'nt have any tendrils, big open mouth showing teeth, or even some ooze effect anywhere on him--that doesn't matter though because I think they pulled off the simple-but unique look just fine.

The pose is nothing spectacular but it fits the character fine. Also, he has some pretty neat details on his boots--laces and all. I can't fault #Funko with how awesome this turned out!

That emblem looks great!

Colorwise is pretty good. I like how they black looks smooth and crisp. The white is also painted on quite well and I do like how they have a different shade of black between his pants, shirt, and boots. For a character that is 90% black, some variation of said color would be fantastic and I'm glad Funko pulled that off.

The subtle detail on his face is also appreciated. See the 'skull' impression? Very nicely done and blends the Venom/Punisher look quite well.

Here is Venomized Punisher next to Venomized Storm and Eddie Brock/Venom himself. They look fantastic standing next to each other, eh?

I can't say that Venomized Punisher is a must-have. What I can say is that he is not a bad POP by any means neccessary and he is going for a pretty decent price. Simple but genius is what I say and Venomized Punisher pulled it off just fine.

Until Next Time!

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