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SEGA: Mari Illustrious Makinami (The Last Mission)

Here we go! Another SEGA action figure/statue and this time, another hottie from the Evangelion series--Evangelion Rebuild! Mari Illustrious Makinami! The 'new' character that was added to the Rebuild series, this gal definitely deserves a spot in my fandom heart. With that said, let's review what SEGA did with her character, shall we?

Simple, practical, and to the point, I do like SEGA's boxing. Not too over designed and not too plain that it doesn't inform. All in all, I think it does the job just fine.

But, I understand almost nothing from this side. Moving on!

Mari Illustrious Makinami is an interesting character. She was the last female pilot to be added in the divisive "Rebuild" movies (appeared in Evangelion 2.0 You Can (not) Advance). I was initially indifferent but I like how she looked, she had that fan service flare, and she was different from the other gals. But I was/am an Asuka fan so Mari was no way taking over. I mean, Misato has a hard time so why would this newbie take over, right?

She has a lot going for her. I do like her Evangelion, her pink plug suit is quite sexy despite it being pink, and she's quite skillful in the Eva piloting department.

And her mannerism isn't far from who I tend to lean on to. But here's a spoiler: I definitely do not lean to her over Asuka. Asuka all the way!

But that doesn't mean I'm not going to give Mari the attention she deserves. She's fun, she's sexy, she's pretty capable, and she has an innocent side that kind of radiates--contrasting the dark and damaged Eva gals like Asuka and Rei. This statue capsulizes everything I just said and I love it. First off, let's talk about that pose. It just fits and works. It's simple but the way she is standing and her how her arms are definitely entices. It's a playful little gesture and Mari is definitely just that: playful and for sure, pushes the limits of being fan service and she knows it. I do want to say that it's not as accurate on the chest department. But everywhere else, the sculpt work, the lithe body, the hair movement, and everything else, are done fantastic and it's something I am really appreciating SEGA for. And I know, cliche, but it's not super detailed or refined like a #Bishoujo or something, but it's got the right flare for the bucks you fork out.

The right kind of sculpt in the right places, eh?

While the figurine is mostly white, it's definitely got more going for it. The execution, dare I say, is flawless.

There are areas in the figure that is shiny and some that are matted. Which is a good balance to make the white not as mundane as it could be. The other colors that do their dues to juxtapose the dominant color, and all of this are done with excellent and sharp coloring--for this 'vanilla' plug suit, it sure stands out. The flesh is done quite nicely as well and her hair color is also accurate. Not much else could be said. I'm impressed.

The glasses of course! And that face is Mari--also that expression!

The hair is quite dynamic. The sculpt in the back are also nice.

Here she is next to SEGA: Asuka Soryu Shiknami 3.0+1.0. For the most part they are identical with Asuka having more red tints on the lines and Mari with the pink. As I mentioned in her review, I think the expression and the vibe doesn't fit Asuka entirely (even after watching 3.0+1.0), but Mari's is fitting. Also, you can connect the base if you want.

So what to say about SEGA's interpretation? Well having both Asuka and Mari, I can honestly say that it's a job well done. I love it both. After watching the final installment of the Rebuild series, I definitely appreciate these figurines more for sure! I appreciate Mari more too as a character (Asuka is still my #waifu). I highly recommend this for any Evangelion fans--at least for classic NGE lovers, the Asuka is good addition and Mari for those who love both the original and the rebuild, this one's a good catch. Good price, good sculpt, and overall good looking, one can't lose with this one.

Until Next Time!

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