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Skyrim: Some Odd Years Later

Skyrim is a huge deal to me when it came out and some odd few years later. It is one of the most influential games in my life and the fact is, I'm not alone. While I do not play this game anymore (and haven't been for years now), I will say that I do look back fondly during the times that I did. My love for the game even extended towards writing, back in the day I used to write fan fictions. The Crossover with Frozen and the tons of commissions that to this day, I commission every so often. The lore studying, the talks with many friends about it..... I stand here, for a moment, to pay some respect and my thanks to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The world of Frozen Skyrim had a lot going on at one point. Shame I don't think I will ever finish that tale. But the beautiful pictures I commissioned for it lives on!

And, of course, the world of Onyx. From familiar characters, Princes, and reimagined canonical characters, I tried to weave the lore of Skyrim (and the whole Elder Scrolls mythos) to Onyx's story. Some worked, some I had to make work. I do miss commissioning and writing about it.

Well, not much else can be said. Every November 11th that passes by just keeps me reminiscing about this game and all the wonders that came with it. Maybe next year I'll have more new content, or maybe it will just be me looking back. Well, matters not. Here's to another birthday release celebration of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!

Until Next Time!

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