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Final Fantasy X-2: 20 Years Later

What's that, you say?! Final Fantasy X-2 is now TWENTY years old!? Yes, that's right. On this day some odd 20 years ago, we jumped back into Spira to finish Yuna's story. And while Yuna definitely is the main character, it truly was in this game that I paid more attention to Rikku and realized she had this charm that I always seemed to gravitate towards (her archetype)--but unlike Yuffie and Selphie, Rikku just had the look and the spunk that complimented her like no other. So, yes! #FFX_2 is a special game to me!

And while the story of #FFX hits harder than its sequel but the campy and overtly sexualized maigcal girl transformation had the charm that was going for me. I do like the trio of Yuna, Rikku, and Paine. I like the added story beats and how it was about how Yuna felt and how she wanted to do something for her and not for Spira for once. And while, yes, the pace ain't exactly as good as #FFVI or FFX, it's still a good story that echoed to me.

And clearly, the gamee had inspired me to reach out to artists like Akira-Jw to come up with som wonderful and sexy art. That's right, Rikku's Real Emotions!

Then, of course, there's the #DiDressphere commmission series is the stuff of gold. And while that series officially ended some time back, I do add to Rikku's #DiD time by commissioning her wearing her other Dresspheres--for example, she did wear her Samurai Dressphere when she was appeared in Arlen's Crusade.

Yuna got some of my commisssioning addition. Paine has yet to get the crosshairs. BUT, I do have another series that could possibly include her!

And above is the REAL EMOTION Opening. Classic. While most of my eyes are on Rikku (that smile), I was first intrigued by the entire thing. Yes, accepted the drastic change in regards to the themes!

So happy 20 years, Final Fantasy X-2! I always see you as part of the FFX story and I'm proud saying all that! The nostalgia is real! The appeal is all there! And Rikku, you stolee my heart completely the moment you smiled and knocked out that guard! The gameplay was fun and the in-battle Dressphere change was magical. The homages to the classic jobs and the continuation of Yuna's story is definitely a beat I dare not discard. Here's to many more celebrations in the future!

Until Next Time!

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