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Funko POP: Arishem (JUMBO size)

A JUMBO #POP? What is this? Another first of a kind POP in my collection for 2022? Yes! Yes it is! While I'll get into the details, I will say it now that this thing is MASSIVE. I feel that pictures don't do it justice. At any rate, let's get into it, shall we?

The Eternals movie was very divisive for a lot but the one thing I will say that I enjoyed is the up close and personal introduction of the Celestials.

I'm not sure if I will be getting other POPs from this line. I want one of Ikaris, but I would prefer one with him doing his signature eye beams.

This is a comparison of the box of a JUMBO POP next to a regular sized POP. Yes, it's massive, to say the least.

The stand for this POP is also unique and something I appreciate. The head is also quite .... massive. It's also on a bobble head.

In the comics, the Celestials looked robotic (most of the time). They were also hard to distinguish and only a few were named and held some relevance to the overall story of the Marvel Universe. I'm going to be honest and say that other than their prominent roles as 'omnipotent forces' within the grander Marvel Universe, I know very little about them. I am familiar with the red Celestial--at least in passing, who is apparently, this guy, Arishem. With the movie taking liberty on the Celestial's design, Funko followed suit and what we get is this less robotic and more organic look. Rock-like and rough, ridged and areas that are not symmetrical unlike its comic book counterpart. The giantic six eyes are still prominent and that imposing walk is a fitting pose for this colossal POP. There are plenty of details on this one with all its protruding spikes, its texturing, and just its overall presentation. It might be the character design, but I believe this is one of the most detailed POPs I have.

It's so heavy that the stand is connected to the POP itself.

The color/paint job is definitely something to highlight with this Jumbo POP. There are shading all over the POP--far more present than anything I have seen. The variations of plastic, the execution of the colors fading out with the eyes, the transparent stand that has its own set of color details. It's just well done. It's my first Jumbo POP so it might be why I'm so shocked by it, but it's amazing.

For a size comparison, here is Jumbo POP Arishem next to POP 6 inch Megazord and regular sized POP Mickey. Quite the size difference, eh?

And here is Jumbo POP Arishem next to POP Thena Walmart Exclusive. The only other Eternal Merchandise I own. I know, Arishem is way bigger in the movies/comics, but this works on its own rights.

My first Jumbo POP and let me just say that it's a good impression. I like the details, the sculpt, the color, and just about everything else that goes into this size. Now, I don't see myself getting a lot of these and it has to be a 'special' character. While not in the greatest MCU film, Arishem is a Celestial and in the overall scheme off the Marvel Universe, he holds weight. Also, it's just a spectacle and I'm all happy to have him in my collection. I recommend him if not for the character, for the detail of the POP itself!

Until Next Time!

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