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Funko POP: Mickey Mouse Disney 100th (Retro Reimagined)

Got ourselves another Mickey Mouse POP! Surprise, it's another holiday-themed Mickey POP and it's fitting considering what time of the year it is! No further adieu! Let's just get on with the review!

A Target exclusive and part of Disney 100th year celebration. Didn't want to miss the opportunity of snagging this one!

And I definitely like the design of the box. Very, very retro as the title suggests!

Another Mickey POP that isn't a bobblehead!

As far as the design of the POP, well it's Mickey Mouse. It's got a festive look to it to go with the Holiday spirit but it's got enough things to set it apart from the other Mickey Mouse POPs I have both Holiday or not. He's got a pretty simple pose, which isn't something detrimental at all. He's got good sculpting with the cold wear (this icon doesn't wear a sweater haha!)--I love the texturing on the beanie for sure! All in all, nothing really to complain about. Nothing too special but nothing out of place to bring it down!

The color scheme sets it a bit apart from the other Mickey Mouse POPs. The boots and trunk buttons have a teal look to them rather than the usual yellow and white. Then the washed-out green throws a mix to the Holiday colors. It is, all in all, a good look and a well-executed paint job.

For some reason, I decided not to put this Mickey side by side with its other holiday-themed peers. Oh well. But these are some of the Mickey Mouse POPs.

A needed POP? No. For those who are Disney diehards, it's a good fit for one's collection. For me? Yeah, it's a good fit. I do love it. I can say I recommend it! For the Holiday and retro/nostalgic feels, it fits the bill!

Until Next Time!

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