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Funko POP: Spider-Man (Box Lunch)

Updated: May 26

Spider-Man POP! Yes, been waiting for this one for a bit and now I got him! We've gotten some pretty dynamic Spidey POP but this signature pose is new. Without further adieu, let's check out this POP, shall we?

Very focused box, eh? Special edition and a Box Lunch special--not part of any particular series but, obviously, under the Marvel umbrella.

Oddly enough, he's a bobble head too

Right off the get-go, it's pretty obvious to see that this is one of the most unique posed POPs. And while this is a signature pose for Spidey in his many-MANY shenanigans, I do believe that this is one of his few representing this. Neat thing too since this pose can be done for a sneaky-stealth attack or as a means for Spidey to introduce himself to a crowd. Funko decides to go a different route and uses it as a Spider-Man taking a break with a good hotdog from the healthy streets of Queens. Having reviewed a handful of Spidey POPs, I expected the attention to detail to be present and they are. The sculpting on his web lines, the eyes, his pose, it's all well done. Heck, even the hotdog also has a good amount of detail to them. I like the webbing details that attach Parker to whatever structure he is hanging upside down from. All in all, pose and sculpting are A+ to me.

That transparent acrylic 'stand' really does its job. It may be jarring since it's not exactly discreet--even more so considering it's a 'larger' stand, but it does the job just fine.

The colors are also something of a bright spot with this POP. The red and blue are clean, the spider symbol is good, and while we are missing some coloring on the webbing, overall it's nicely done. The hotdog also looks good, albeit a bit too perfect.

Here are some web-slinging web warriors. Alright, so Spidey isn't slinging around like Silk and Spider-Girl.

SPIDEY and Spider-Gals

And here are some Cinematic Spider-Men in action. The collection of Spideys are growing exponentially that's for sure!

My good friend once again found this for me and I can't thank her enough. My Spiderverse collection is just growing and I can only thank her for it. All in all this POP is a wonderful addition to my Spider-Men. Classic pose, attention to detail, and very comic book vibrant. I highly recommend for any Spidey fans out there and collector of POPs.

Until Next Time!

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