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2019 Highlights - Commissions

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

What a fantastic year for #commissions! Now, as a disclaimer, the majority of the pictures I have in the collage didn't make the "top 10" but believe me, it's not because I didn't like them or anything like that, it's just that when it comes to narrowing things down, some of them just won't make the list. At any rate, just like in 2018, the first year I started this "top 10" shenanigan, the guideline as to why I pick the ones I picked remains the same.

  1. Accuracy: Since I commission a myriad of different artists (and have been since I started), it's more than safe to say that the various styles will alter the measurement of accuracy. A certain character, let's just say Elsa, will not look the same from artist to artist and that's just the fact of commissions and/or fan arts. Take that same idea with Elsa: as long as one can look at the drawing and SAY it's Elsa, most of her features are present and said character is recognizable and the style is satisfying and complimenting to the Disney Queen (or insert whatever character we are looking at here), then accuracy is there.

  2. Price Tag: This is also a pretty subjective area since different caliber of artists charge differently, and that is understandable. But it definitely does play a BIG factor to a Commission's status, whether it be good or bad. Expensive does not always equal HIGHER quality after all.

  3. Time: Another factor that is also subjective. Time is money, yes, but something that took some time to do but produced some jaw dropping art work will definitely be considered to be on the top ten. On the other side of the coin, if something took more than a few weeks and the result is something I enjoy but nothing grand (and I paid good money for it), then it's going to have a hard time getting no my top favorite.

  4. Client and Customer Experience: This may not have anything to do with the quality of the art and/or the caliber of the artist but I am a big fan of customer service and being treated like someone who is giving good money to get something done is important. Almost all of the artist I have worked with are professional so this hasn't been an issue with me. But there have been some artists who took a step above just to ensure my experience was great. They spend the time to communicate for clarification and for the sake of following up. The experience also becomes more satisfying if the artist just spends the time to show appreciation for the business I am giving him/her.

  5. Personal Preference: Now obviously this plays a big part. When it comes to commissioning, there are a lot of areas that personal preference can play a big part for my decision such as the character/s that are drawn, what kind of scenario, what is the theme (pin up, just awesome fanart, fetish... etc), and the meaning behind the commission. While it's hard NOT to put this as the forefront of my decision, I'm going to say it right now that it's a huge reason as to why some of these drawings made it to the top ten and beat the others. Just saying.

Alright, now that we have that established, let's get right into the Honorable mentions!

::Honorable Mentions::

In terms of Honorable Mentions, I have a bit more than last year. Again, it was hard to scratch them off the top and I struggled to shave them off the "top 10", but alas, they make the mention.

Honorable Mention: Onyx & Muramasa

By: PapillionStudios

#FrozenSkyrim suffered a lot in 2019... unfortunately. With that said, there were only one or two Onyx related commissions that got out and this was one of them. As always, PapillionStudios did an amazing job. We had a lot of notes back and forth to fix a few things here and there that made the process slightly bumpier than normal, but all in all, the result is still wonderful. With all that said, I have a feeling 2020 will bring more of Onyx and his adventures with (or without) Elsa in #commission form!

Honorable Mention: Terra Branford Anthology

by: Alif-Masra

Just to be clear, this won't be the last time we'll see Terra Branford on this list! Clearly, this is part of Terra's #DiDressphere series that is still ongoing (with no ending in sight). With all that said, this was a wonderful commission executed by Alif-Masra, an artist whom I only had the experience of working with this one time. The process to get this commission done wasn't exactly time-friendly and I believe this was about six months in the making (something that I commissioned in mid-2018 and didn't get until early 2019). Now, I'm not saying that Alif-Masra is a disrespecting artist for someone's time; he had a lot of things going on and he wasn't able to deliver time-wise. But the result in art form is amazing. And throughout the process of the commission, sketch and line art, Alif was doing some good changes for me. Good art but not the smoothest experience, not by mine or the artist's fault. The result? An honorable mention. I do love this piece regardless of how the journey experience was.

Honorable Mention: Spider-Woman vs Rikku

by: Blackprof

Blackprof continues to be a presence in my #commissioning hobby. While he wasn't as prominent in 2019, I DiD manage to work with him once or twice and the result of one of them was this wonderful conitnuation of his Spider-Woman VS--victim? None other than Rikku herself! Looks like Jessica isn't playing well with her other "V.V" team members? Well, I just love how this turned out! Rikku getting into a total bind with Jessica Drew's Omniverse webbing!

Honorable Mention: Elsa DiD Fever

by: TheBoundArtist

Elsa will also be a reoccurring damsel, mind you. Also, I have a little routine with TheBoundArtist with Elsa in her various outfits and this time we collaborated on Elsa's Frozen Fever attire. Not only do I adore his very animated and vibrant style, but the way he managed to weave my instructions and just make it work gives this picture a real distressing vibe! Elsa is just completely helpless and despite how hard she tries, she ain't getting free anytime soon! Fantastic picture and worth the mention!

Honorable Mentions: Elsa Let-Me-Go

by: Kusujinn

DiD I not mention that Elsa will be a reoccurring damsel? This is my second commission with Kusujinn EVER and it's breath taking! The moment I saw the Frozen 2 teaser, I wanted to see Elsa in #DiD form with her 'stripped' down outfit, barefoot and all! Who better to accomplish that than Kusujinn himself?! This would have made the "top 10" if it wasn't for the fact that the outfit isn't as accurate as it should be. Not by fault of Kusujinn at all, nor can it be even mine. We were working off low-res screenshots from the Teaser Trailer! Regardless, the result is nothing short of amazing!

::MVP Artist of 2019::


MilesShendon is an artist I came across at the tail end of 2018. A very talented artist who is generous as he is skilled. I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working with him throughout 2019 and my experience has always been positive in all areas of commissioning. I kept coming back to him because he was easy to work with (despite language barrier), he gives his own spin while following instructions, continues throughout the process to update his commissioner, and his prices are also quite reasonable for what he offers. He gives variants, his style is very captivating and vibrant, and he's just an overall pleasure!

Capturing the Ice Maiden

Jessica Jones Tied Up on the Job

Terra Branford in the Snow

Kaitlin's Front Page

It was hard NOT to put 95% of his artwork on this list but I had to leave some out. I have enjoyed every #commission I collaborated with Miles! And I'm more than positive I'm going to continue to work with him 2020 and beyond! For anyone who still doubts MilesShendon, don't. He is worth EVERY penny!

Top 10 Commissions of 2019

So, here is my list! Again, I want to reiterate that I LOVE all of the commissions I came out with in 2019. There were some 'below great' but all in all, the commissions from this year is more than adequate to join my Commission Gallery! While some of the ones I put in the list may not as high in caliber as others in the Honorable mention (or the ones not in this list at all), they are here for a reasons far beyond just the finished art. I'll try my best to explain why. So without further adieu, here we are!

10: Diane Captured Sin(Envy)

by: PyonSangSang

PyonSangSang is a newcomer in my #commissioning hobby. 2019 is another year to introduce me to new artists (thanks to FourPieces) and that's a good thing. Pyon brought a cute "DiD" element to my gallery that it needs more of! Diane is an adorable and a bit different from the usual cute anime gals that I like, but she is, no doubt, worthy of having her moments of duress! This was a good start with my commissioning rapport with Pyon and we are still working together as of right now!

9: Save Queen

by: AkinaSilver

While this commission (and the other one (Lebreau) in the same post) is a gift for FourPieces, this is still a commission I paid for and helped bring to life. AkinaSilver is obviously a familiar face and I have worked with her throughout 2018. I didn't collaborate with her as much this year, but having someone like Queen, a very obscure Final Fantasy character getting a DiD moment... I'd say this is worth mentioning. This was also a fun commission and it just turned out so great.

8: Iris Amicitia in Route

by: StudioKatsumi